Immune system

Hi again. Did post my levels on Aug 28th

On levo 75mg and 12.5 T3 at the time and had been for 6weeks

As advised I upped T3 by 6.5mg for a week. Then same again making it 25mg T3

That is now about 2 weeks on. It was last Thurs became ill. Getting there now.

Anyway. TSH. 0.02.mU/L. (0.27 - 4.2)

FT4. 13.8pmol/L. (12.0. - 22.0)

FT3. 4.6 pool/L. (3.1. - 6.8)

This was on Aug 28th

Having upped my meds I guess all I can do is see if it helps. Just wondered if it affected others if under medicated. The immune system causing trouble I mean.

Thanks for help. I was a bit worried going into hospital because of using T3. How do others manage. I just kept it quiet and my husband passed them to me. They always keep all the meds you use and then promptly keep you waiting when doing the drug round 🙁

Also does anyone pop the T 3 under the tongue and does this work. It would make it easier in some situations

Sorry about a long post x

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I'd definitely keep my own hormones on me when in hospital. After all we've gone through - definitely not hand them over.

Under the tongue isn't feasible as the thyroid hormones are too large to be absorbed by the tongue. Not like the quick-acting meds used for heart meds.

By the way I wish you well and a speedy recovery.

T4 will be lower when we take T3. Your T3 is a bit on the low side and could be higher.

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