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subclinical hypothyroidy, candidas and blad smell in nose and mouth, bad taste

hello i am new here. i have subclinical hypothyroidy and lately, since 3 months have bad smell in my nose and my mouth, kind of chimical sweet bleachy smell, who follow me everywhere and i smell everything like this smell, fresh laundry, food ,air conditionning which worsen it etc....i have also candida in my mouth one little white spot according to my ENT Doctor and had gastroenteritis (cause is not known), So my question is : could my gastroenteritis and the bad smell and taste be related to Candidas and should i take levothyroxine for a 6,82 TSH with a 13,3 FT4 ? I have also a V.B12 1326 after one year of 1000 mcg methylcobalamin sublingual pills intake? I know it is a lot of questions but anything would be helpful. thanks for reading my post.

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I don't know about your FT4, because you haven't given the range, but a TSH of 6.82 does requite attention, yes. You are hypo when you hit 3! Although doctors don't know it.

I don't know anything about Candida, but I don't think it causes gastroenteritis. Could account for the bad taste/smell, though. Or maybe your sinuses are causing it.



Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you are feeling unwell.

Everyone has a small amount of Candida but when our immune systems are compromised (usually through low thyroid hormone) and we eat a lot of sugar, the growth can become prolific.

Many members have complained of strange smells and tastes and I have had them myself. I think it more to do unbalanced hormones than the candida. Do you have Hashimotos Autoimmune Disease (this is the most common cause of hypothyroidism) ? ? ..

I have been under Guys Hospital for strange tastes and thick saliva. It has been explained to me that the brain, nerves and receptors for taste and smell can be affected by disease.. The receptors are located in the taste buds in your mouth and in your olfactory epithelium for smell.

They usually grow, develop and die over a period of 1-7 days and are nourished by specialised substances (proteins) secreted in saliva and nasal mucus for smell but Hashimotos (or other autoimmune disease) can alter the saliva & mucus but also how our brain works with the receptors and pathways, meaning we interpret tastes and smells differently.

Since changing to NDT I detect a slight improvement. This could be the meds or just the fact I have been optimally medicated on thyroid hormone replacement for over a year. Many symptoms often lag months behind good biochemistry and I believe it to be a multifactorial cumulative effect that eventually gives us well being..

A TSH of 6.82 is too high for someone medicating Levothyroxine and would indicate you are under medicated.

Have you had Vit D, folate and ferritin levels tested as all these are commonly deficient in people with low thyroid hormone and (indirectly) required for good hormone synthesis.

Are you addressing the candida ?



Thank you so much for this information! I've always wondered why things sometimes taste and smell more sulphurous, "chemically" and strong after nasal cleansing and now you've answered it for me!


It might be caused by sinus problems, do you have any catarrh, or issues of clearing your throat?


thank you very much to each of you for the time you took to answer. I have issues in clearing my throat (post nasal drip) and according to my last year lab results my antibodies tests are normal. i wanted to have FT3 done but my doctor did not give to me this time. I feel tired have problem to maintain my weight ( low body mass or limit with hypo is not current )in fact i have symptoms of Hyperthyroidism and have been hypo all my life. I must add that i have a lingual thyroid. I will try to find a private lab and do all the tests i want .


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