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loosing the sense of smell and taste

Hi I have Hashimotos and recently notices my sense of smell has all most gone and my taste has altered as well, any one else had this problem, is it connected to the thyroid.

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...also B12 deficiency...



Hi thanks for that i think probably it will be the b12 because I do not have any non stick cook ware that I can think off, I will look into the b12


Hi yes I also have this problem for last 8 years, been to hosp for scan and done nose douching, various nasal steroid sprays and drops but all to no avail. Do not know if this is common amongst thyroid sufferers or a seperate issue but its awful to live with and I virtually have no appetite as cant enjoy the tastes of food but handy if the dog breaks wind (ha ha) have you had any testing at hosp .?

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Hi I have only just started having this problem, and it seemed to fit in with me being bad with Hashimotos, I have just been diagnosed with this, seeing the doctor this next week and going to ask about it to see if it is connected, I agree the appetite takes a hit because nothing tastes of anything. Was interested to read about the B12 going to get this checked, may be it would benefit you to get yours checked. I will post back if I find anything out, but it would be interesting to know if any other thyroid sufferers have the same problem.


You don't say what medication you're on, if any. I don't know much about Hashimoto's, but for Graves sufferers, PTU (and to a lesser extent carbimazole) can cause loss of smell & taste. Really hope you get it sorted out.


Another deficiency could be zinc, lack of it affects taste and smell.



Some medications can cause a loss of smell, are you on any. Other than that zinc deficiency can cause this to happen.


Hi thank you I am not on any thing except Selenium at present, so I am looking into the Zinc deficiency, thank you all for your help.


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