Thyroid abnormalities

Two months+ since losing half my thyroid and am having to crash about three days a week with dreary eyes and wooly head and weakness of limbs, The two month BT showed TSH was 2.12 and T4 was over 12, both risen a bit, so conclusion was no further action. Not feeling confident as my doctor said she just needed to check the TSH was rising and not falling. No one said I would feel so rubbish. I'm new here.

Shirley (active 69 year old)

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Ummm... why would she want the TSH to rise? At the moment, it says your half gland is struggling to make enough hormone. If it goes any higher, you will be hypo. Is that what she wants? It's very unlikely to fall when you've only got half a gland.

Sorry but do you mean the thyroid stimulating hormone should not be rising ,only the T4

Yes. Does she think they should both be rising? If so, run away from her as fast as you can go!

The TSH is a pituitary hormone. When the pituitary senses there is not enough thyroid hormone in the blood, it puts out more TSH to stimulate the gland. When the level of thyroid hormone rises, the pituitary makes less TSH. So, if your TSH is rising, it means there is less and less thyroid hormone in your blood.

Oh, and should have said, it's not just the level of T4 in the blood that affects the TSH, it's also the T3, which she hasn't even tested. So, if your TSH and FT4 are both rising, it means you don't have enough T3 - probably due to a conversion problem.

Well if you have half of your gland only, it may not be able to make enough hormones. In order to force it to work harder, your pituary releases Tsh, thyroud stimulating hormone. If your tsh is rising, it shows that the thyroid is having to be coaxed into producing more hormone.

The rising t4 shows that the half a thyroid you have, is responding to the rising tsh by producing more hormones. so, far, so good.


in the uk, the docs can leave you until you are flogging the poor thyroid to death in order to make it work. They believe that a tsh of 10 is acceptable, but in most other countries, a tsh of 3 shows that the thyroid needs a helping hand in the form of thyroid hormones.

Your ideal situation is a tsh of around 1 and free t4 well in range. Make the doctor keep a very close eye on you and if the tsh is still rising but the free t4 is static, or falling, insist on replacement thyroid hormones. (Levothyroxine) or a referral to a competent endocrinologist.

Xx. G

Thanks, I'm pleased with your advice. Husband Ron said hurrah, at last we are beginning to understand. Blessings to you x Shirley

Totally agree G.

Talk about swings & roundabouts on this Thyroid trail,. I ve gone from 100 tsh to 9 to 3! I want my optimum level to 1. First brands made me SO sick. I believe it was due to the cheap fillers! Had to ,'fight' with one chemist to change to Wochardt. Don't feel sick with Wockhardt BUT my T3 is never checked. I phoned different UK chemists for the Naturethroid - made from pigs,contains T4/T3/T2/T1

Next step is an Endocrinologist.What an ordeal, have to do your own research guys.

Hi Shirley hope your feeling better have just read your post .I too have only half my thyroid and feel much the same as you do Had my bloods done last week and am told everything is fine .

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