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Test results back: your thoughts please


I would much appreciate your thoughts on my test results:

Free T4: 1.4

Free T3: 2.6

TSH: 3.3

Symptoms: Tiredness, brain fog, lack of concentration, bloating, resistance to weight loss (no matter what i try!!), mood swings, extremely heavy menstrual cycles.

I am currently not taking any medication but I think I probably need it. What are your thoughts? Doctor appointment is booked, but would like to get your feedback in advance to bring up for discussion with doc.

Thanks! x

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Can you please post the ranges Bluebird27 so that members can comment.


Sorry about that. This might be a stupid question, but isn't the range always the same?

Free T4: 1.4 ng/dL (0.7-2.5)

Free T3: 2.6 pg/mL (2.6-6.5)

TSH: 3.3 uU/mL (0.5-3.0)


No, the range depends on the machine the test is done on, and different labs have different machines. So, you have to interpret the results by the range of the machine the test was done on.

I, too, think that you need medicating, your FT3 is very low - not surprising you have symptoms - but I doubt your doctor will with that TSH. It's only slightly over-range, and they very often like it a lot higher before they will diagnose. I think you will have a fight on your hands getting a trial of levo. :(


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