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Why is it, that when first diagnosed with T3 toxicosis, the Endocrinology department were 'on the ball' with regards treatment, but now that I have been Hypothyroid for 3 years, they couldn't care less?

Why must we be treated by Consultants who specialize in Diabetes? Am I just being thick, naive or stupid to have expected to be treated by someone who has the slightest idea of what they are doing?

Why do I keep putting my faith in someone who has seen me for 30 minutes, listened to me (or so I thought) and agreed a fresh look at my symptoms/treatment, only to be let down yet again.

I had a follow up appointment booked for the 24th October, I received a letter today informing me that it has become necessary to change this appointment, and have been given me a new date for MONDAY 6th FEBRUARY 2017.

Says it all really

Gutted absolutely gutted....

Please please don't comment about self-treatment, I know all about this and am more determined than ever to take this route....thank you..

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Hyperthyroidism is dangerous and is also considered to be a "real" illness deserving of medical attention.

Hypothyroidism is usually suffered by people who are believed to be "Fat, Mad, Middle Aged, Menopausal Women". The disease is considered to be minor and easy to treat. Anyone still complaining with a TSH within the reference range must therefore be a malingerer and a waste of space.

I know the link is old, but it still makes my jaw drop.


Thanks for the link Humanbean, I've read it for the first time.

Even if link is old everything stated is the same. No further forward it would seem and 'they're still running on the same spot'. At least with the forum we can get knowledge and improve our health.

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It is a big disappoinment when your long-awaited appointment is cancelled. We're ever hopeful that, finally, we will have a consultation with a knowledgeable human being who will remove our clinical symptoms.

I think most of us were very naive before having a problem with our thyroid gland and believed that the doctors were well-trained in most of the 'general' ill-health problems. It came, finally, as a big surprise when I discovered that they knew little about treating a patient with a dysfunction of their gland except to acknowledge the TSH alone and ignoring symptoms, some of which (for me) appeared after levo. Despite clear symptoms I remained undiagnosed/untreated with 'other' diagnoses for several years until diagnosed by a first-aider's suggestion.

Thanks to I am now well but we find ourselves searching for someone with knowledge but, due to the BTA guidelines, we patients have to do the 'ground work'


shaws You are so right in saying we are naive before diagnosis. I was dx in February and have been gob smacked at the attitude of the GPs. Not one GP from my practice has bothered to explain anything to me. Every single bit of progress and knowledge is from the Internet (mainly TUK and PAS and b12d). Otherwise I'd have still been bed ridden.

In fact my regular GP said I shoukdnt even have any symptoms!! He also thought my second lot of bloods was caused by sub clinical hyperthyroidism showing that he'd only looked at the results and not my notes (forgetting that only a couple of months before he'd prescribed me levothyroxine)

Beggars belief. I've lost all respect and condidence in GPs

Lu x


Same here. Saw Endo for 3rd time last October 2015. Had to fight to stay on 100mcgs of Levo which made me feel oK as he said I was over replaced and at risk of osteoporosis and atrial fibrillation.

Asked him for the evidence. He had none,so agreed I can stay o 100mcgs. Appointment in June cancelled by hospital, appointment in August cancelled by me as no blood forms received so no point ha I g the appoi me t. This is despite 3 phone messages asking the. To send the forms!!! New appointment in December!!!! Not convinced I'll get blood forms again. I have spoken to endo's secretary and asked her to send them to me now, not received yet.

As you can see they're really concerned about osteoporosis and AF, leavng me over a year without any follow up!!!!

Treat yourself, the doctors are clueless!!! Use the information on this forum by the wonderful people who are treating themselves successfully and are willing to share their knowledge.

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A few years ago my gp called me in because there was an "irregularity" with my blood. When I saw her she said my thyroid levels were wrong & she needed me to go & have more bloods done. I asked her what the actual problem was with my level. (Sorry BrainFog can't remember the exact numbers now). Anyway my blood levels were perfect - exactly what the consultant said they should be at. I had to explain to her I had no thyroid because I'd had a TT & my blood levels were perfect. She was looking at my px on her computer & she said she was going to reduce my thyroid px & asked me which thyroid px I'm on because she couldn't see it on her screen. I said "No". She was so shocked & said "What do you mean No". I explained she was not adjusting my thyroid px because it's all done by my consultant & I wasn't going to tell her which thyroid px I was on. (I'm on T3 only - after a very long fight!). I couldn't believe how bad her attitude was. Forgetting I'd had a TT, forgetting Liothyoronine was my throid px & trying to interfere with my hospital consultant's T3 px.

Why do GPs Not Understand Thyroid Problems Or Thyroid Prescriptions?

Thank You Thyroid UK for helping us all help each other & ourselves ♡Xx


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