Over The Counter T3 - Where?

Hi, I am looking to get some T3 and I know it is available OTC in Greece but please can someone advise if you can still get this in France (Cytomel I believe?). I have read some older posts on here stating it was available in France but I just need it confirming. My sis lives there and travels to the UK every month so if it's available, I'm sorted! Fingers crossed :-)

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Hi, I live in France and get my T3 (Cynomel is the name in France) regularly on prescription, about 2.50€ for a box of 30 tablets of 50mcg each. I would imagine that with an English prescription your sister should be able to get them. She will need a prescription.....hope this helps.

Thank you....

Ahh ok so she needs a prisription then? I can't just buy them like you can in Greece?

Afraid not. Not unless she could perhaps charm the pharmacist......?

T3 has never been available without a prescription in France. I live here, too, and I know that for a fact. :)

Thank you. Great to get confirmation.

contact me on the message thing and I will give you a link where to get this.

Thank you all. I have a friend going to Greece tomorrow.. She is helping but I know how to get the Greek T3 at other times.. Appreciate all the comments :-)

Do be aware that it is legal to import prescription-only medicines for yourself and your household. Friends don't count (unless members of your household).

This is meant only to raise your awareness. Your friend would be allowed to bring some in for herself but not for you.

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