T3 over the counter

Does anyone know which countries I can buy T3 over the counter please?

I thought I might incorporate that place into a summer break


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  • You can get it in Turkey. It's called "Tiromel" and each tablet contains 25 mcg T3. It's very cheap.

  • Do u just go in and by it in the chemist

    I think I will be visiting Turkey if this is the case

  • Yes. No need for prescription. Ask for Tiromel.

  • Thank you. Will try for my holiday in Turkey and Greece!! It's purely for medicine of course!

  • If you go to Turkey go to the chemist when you get there as the shop might only have 1 or 2 boxes in but they will get you more in a couple of days. Good luck

  • My friend bought it in turkey for me. It cost 11.turkish lira £2.50 for a hundred.

  • Thank you for your info

  • Yes my friend gets mine in turkey in the pharmacy and it's £2.50 for 100 tablets the NHS should source it from there and then more people could be treated with it !!!!!! Everytime I see my doctor all they want to do is cut mine because of expense so I top up with the tiromel the Turkish t3 and it's great Iv had no problems I believe u can also get in Greece but not 100% sure they definitely do not sell in Spain they only treat with thyroxine

  • Thank you

  • I bought some in Crete last year, €1.15 for 30, 25mcg just in an ordinary chemist.

  • They have ran out of t3 in Greece now unfortunately

  • Oh, thanks for that. How can that happen lol? Maybe not enough folk take it so it's not worth making?

  • Its a real problem for people self medicating especially if on t3 only as I am, there has been many posts on here about it ..have a look at Marz see what she's telling us she lives in Crete ..good luck

  • Thank you

  • You can only have T3 here in Greece with a prescription. Click onto my name above - scroll through posts to view one of two months ago 😊

  • Thank you

  • Hi Marz. I bought T3 over the counter in Palekastro only three weeks ago. They made no mention of the need for a prescription.

  • Yes sometimes you can be fortunate and buy a packet here and there if they have them in stock - but were you able to order more ? How many did you buy ? Glad you found some :-) I only report my experiences and those of others that live here - so best to warn people of the bottom line rather than build up their hopes. We too find the occasional packet - which I did so recently .....

  • Absolutely right not to raise people's hopes. I only bought 3 packets. I didn't attempt to order any. I'm off to Alonissos soon so I'll try my luck there and report back here 🤔

  • Paleokastro is way out east - if it is the one I am thinking of - beyond Sitia - so they are possibly not having too much demand for T3 :-) I was very recently in Makrygialos - not so far away - and tried there - to no avail. Same information as I receive locally. Some people try and order enough for a year !!

  • Yes. It's on the eastern tip. I go there every year. Very few British tourists so they probably don't get the same demand. I have a friend who has a house there. I'll ask her to buy some and see how she gets on. 😉

  • I understood the problem to be...

    It was apparently a problem for the manufacturers - they were selling it cheap then they found out that people were buying it from them, selling it online, and making huge profits at their expense. Now it has become prescription only to reduce demand.

  • Thank you for your info

  • Thank you,

  • I think you can in Mexico but not sure

  • Thank you

  • You can't buy T3 in Mexico. Prescription only.

    They have clamped down on it too.

  • I order mine on line from a Greek/Cypriot supplier. Generally only takes a week to arrive.

  • I think its best now to private message details of supplier etc

  • Could you PM me the details of your supplier please.

    Regards Tanya

  • Hi could you pm me the details please for this? Thankyou

  • Thank you

  • Hi warren184

    Would you please private message me with details of your supplier. Thanks

  • Could you give me deatails of your supplier too please. Kind regards

  • Can you pm me the name of the supplier please. Many thanks.

  • Please could you pm me details. Thankyou.

  • Could I have the details too please. Thanks

  • Sorry price is €65 for 300

  • I got it in May from Rhodes, tiny wee pharmacy in the middle of nowhere! They only had 2 in stock but bigger ones might stock more x

  • Sadly not. I live in Crete and can only obtain T3 with a prescription ....

  • Thank you

  • Am on hols in Greece. Was able to buy one packet. Pharmacist told me they hve a general shortage due to supply issues as demand has increased hugely. Turkey might be a better bet 😎

  • Thank you

  • My friend has just been to Turkey and is bringing back Tiromel for me.

  • Thank you

  • I also got some at a small town in greece - 6 packs - but the pharmacist couldnt get any more in. So if you gonto greece its worth asking in case they have existing stock. This was last month.

  • Thank you for your info

  • Greece and it's many beautiful islands. Yes, it is cheap!

  • Thank you... looks like Greece it is

  • You can also get liquid T3 in Italy without a prescription but only one bottle at a time (20mg or 50mg). It is a 21-day supply and last time some friends bought it it cost 13 euros. I don't know if every pharmacy will sell it but worth a try. I have tried it and had no problems.

  • Thank you for your info

  • Hi, I buy mine in Crete, so anywhere in Greece from the pharmacy, make is unipharma. In Andorra you can buy anything, not France, hope that helps, and Crete is a beautiful warm place, going again in a few weeks, Langdocienne

  • Thank you. I am going to book for a holiday in Greece

  • You did see Marz' responses on this very thread, I assume? Regarding T3 being prescription-only in Greece, including Crete.

  • Things have changed here in Crete over the last couple of months - have been posting about it to keep folk up to date. Now prescription only with the occasional packet available still in the drawer ! See my other posts on this thread.

  • Not available now in Greece anywhere without prescription

  • Cyprus possibly. A friend managed to get some for me, but other people have tried and been told they need prescription.

  • Thank you

  • If the pharmacy doesn't have it in stock, they are usually happy to order it in "from Athens" so worth placing your order at the beginning of the holiday, so you can collect it at the end of the week before you return to the UK. Hopefully, you will feel better for some warm Greek sunshine - I always do! Enjoy!

  • Thank you do for taking the time to reply. That's really helpful, I think it's a holiday to Greece that is needed!!

  • Please read my replies - have lived in Crete since 2004 - things have changed ....

  • Not now they will not order in I have tried recently

  • You can get some really good last minute bargains, if you look. I love Kefalonia, but the other islands all have their charm. The Greek pharmacists understand the situation with UK thyroid patients being unable to get T3 here and I have found them very helpful in the past. If one pharmacy only has say 4 packets, you can go around all the other pharmacies (more in the capital) and buy up what you can. You will probably bump into other UK tourists doing the same thing!

  • I'll repeat what I responded with up thread a little:

    You did see Marz' responses on this very thread, I assume? Regarding T3 being prescription-only in Greece, including Crete.

  • That is going to be difficult if that's the case

  • It is the case. Did you read my post above ?

  • Yes I did. Thank you for your info

  • I'm currently in Athens and have purchased 12 boxes of T3, 25mg without a prescription. Seems every city/country has its own rules! Good luck.

  • I am looking as we speak

  • BethDarrall When did you last visit and buy T3 in Greece ? I have lived in Crete since 2004 and things have changed ....

  • Last year in Kefalonia. I visited Argostoli, the capital and went to every single pharmacy, maybe around 5 or 6. Only one didn't have any T3 in stock. 1 euro 25 cents per packet of 30. Unipharm brand. No problems obtaining them.

  • As I mentioned above - things have changed. I phoned the Head Office of UnijPharma in Athens around a couple of months ago and was told if I took my prescription to my local Pharmacy I would be able to obtain my T3 - this is now the routine. Having been able to buy endless boxes of T3 in the past this is NO LONGER the situation. Please click onto my name above and read my posts about T3 :-) Sorry but things have changed ...... Crete is the size of Wales and I have travelled here and there on the island - and still no T3 - without a script.

  • Thanks Mar z .

    It infuriates me ! But that could be my adrenals😳

  • Omg stop saying this on here ..its not possible anymore and your making it worse for everyone by making these outlandish claims !!!

  • I wonder what regulations Turkish medicines undergo and what doctor you will find in Europe that knows what precise dosage you need, and who can help you supervise your treatment, as not all T3 drugs have the same dosage or effect. T3 can make you feel better as it did to me but self medication on T3 can be dangerous. That said, I have a wonderful doctor in Barcelona who prescribes it and I buy Cynomel (from the French lab Sanofi Aventis) in Andorra once a year. I just got treatment for a year for like 30 euros. Andorra pharmacies also ship home, normally with a prescription (which I have) but there is at least one that didn't ask me for it and sent it by courier.

  • Very good books out there explaing how to self medicate safely ..but your right different brands are stronger or weaker

  • I was obviously very lucky to buy up existing stock on a small greek island last month. Back to Cyprus!

  • Isn't it that T3 has a short shelf life? That's what I'm told, it can't be stored for long.

  • Not true !

  • My doctor said that to me, how strange.

  • Unfortunately doctors don't always know everything , I've learnt so as to stay alive and well

  • My last T3 purchase expires 1920.

  • I managed to get one pkt only couple days ago in greece. It has an exp date of 2020.

  • Thank you for your info. I am going to try a holiday in Greece

  • Athens has none at present and it is impossible to get one packet. No chemist appears to have any source at present Jillkh. I have been told by several chemists that they are unable to get any at all..

  • I am still waiting for a years supply of T3 ( as i really panicked about the lack of availablilty ) from a previously reliable supplier used by members on here...ordered in April and despite receiving a tracking order for half of the order...I did not receive it...Uk Post Office could not say why...but that the sender has to chase...and i have had no reply from the seller about this situation. Am worrying my £160 euros has gone down the drain :( The seller did send a blanket email about not hassling them or chasing them as obviously people have been emailing worried about their orders...they are under strain as well but i think they have given up responding...who knows if we will receive anything anytime soon so a big lesson learnt not to order in bulk. It's an awful situation to all of us who are now reliant on this medicine :(

  • I do hope you get the remainder of your T3. I assume, as you say, they are probably under strain if they cannot access it either and they will lose many customers as most have been left high and dry.

    Hopefully, production by a company will begin or has begun,

    I think several members have had the same response as you've had from the supplier.

  • Hi Shaws...thanks for the reply...I haven't received any of the order yet...they said they had sent the first half of the order but forgot to email me when it was posted...so they then gave me a tracking number but despite this it didn't arrive...I am doubtful if i will receive any of it but i know lots of people are in the same boat.

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