Argument with GP

Hello everyone,

Just letting of a little steam.

Had appointment with GP yesterday. 40 minutes I was in there battling for a little treatment, but clearly that is too much to ask. I took in my results which showed four things that had been flagged up as "out of the range". I was refused treatment for preventing Osteoporosis because "I am too young" despite the scan and letter showing that I needed it, still haven't recieved any treatment for my early menopause, Thyroid TSH was still high but apparently that is still acceptable and the elevated ESR and Abnormal blood count and Protein antibodies were above range - but oh no we wont do anything about that just repeat the blood test in 6 weeks, despite all ready having it repeated twice.

I started to get a little annoyed and decided to say what I thought - hence the 40 minute appointment.

How ill does someone have to be before they qualify for some sort of treatment.

I am still really annoyed!

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:( I've always thought some people become doctors because they're sadists!

I agree. The ranges get further apart and even when the results are over the exteneded range it still doesn't matter.

Highly frustrating!

They become doctors to help people or so they say when they are starting out.

Then because GP partners keep more of them money for themselves they are incentivised to do things on the cheap.

Then again I'm bitter because I had a useless GP who was a partner who was happy to keep me ill, lie to me about test results, shout at the receptionists for making appointments for out of range test results and I also found out how much he was earning through a reliable source.

Im not suprised your Bitter, It is just a crazy situation.

I can't say I have met a GP that actually wanted to help, I would say it's more to do with Money : <

greygoose and my receptionists have MORE medical training than the docs and endos put together...

Can sympathise with you Kitten-whiskers but you have to fight for your health cos they certainly won't.

Agree with grey - they're sadists.

Thank you Cinnamon_girl. I am out of fight now. All it does is causes me extra stress and I don't get anywhere with them. He sat there smirking at me, with the attitude of your not really that ill.

Kitten-whiskers yes i have had that too.. or huffing and puffing... its because they dont have a clue so turn it back round on us!! i am changing surgery but i think i will probably end up as dissatisfied tbh x

We have to teach ourselves unfortunately, although there are a few gems out there but mainly private I believe.

Ive changed surgery twice now because of lack of care and things have just got worse. My last surgery closed because of lack of gp's and then the practice manager left. My new surgery I have had to wait 4 weeks for an appointment and after 2 months of being with them I still don't know who my named gp is! After registering with them because their website says how well they treat patients, new patients get asked in to be checked out and you always get to see your named doctor, I had to phone to see if I was actually registered with them. I thought I'd looked at the wrong website.

They are useless the lot of them. They don't give 2 hoots.

Morning Hebden, sorry your having trouble as well. It is the same for all of us but of course if your health isn't to bad then its not too much of a problem but with our Illnesses it really effects us. I am still recovering from the stress of the arguement with the GP and I am still wound up at how he had no intention of trying to help at all. It's a disgrace, They have got a complaints procedure, I may follow that route.

Ooooh - how infuriating that he was smirking i.e. was he thinking 'I am more educated than you so I wont pay any attention to you'.

Why do they make our blood pressure rise and we feel like we could be arrested if we don't get out of the surgery.

Spot on Shaws, he was arrogant, I had my dad in with me and he got annoyed with the GP, voices got louder, god knows what people in the waiting room thought. I do try to educate my self but their seems to be so much conflicting information. Especially like taking Estrogen. Only in the news today a doctor was saying it's bad for you not eating gluten, not that I agree with that statement. I don't think I have been struck of the surgery list, just yet.

I hope you're not at the top of the list .) mind you we shouldn't have to be educating ourselves in order to get better, the doctors should be knowledgeable enough and should be co-operative with the patient to find the best route to good health. Re thyroid - the guidelines are at the root of the problem with the TSH being the only indicator for a dysfunction whilst they ignore symptoms and don't try to co-operate with us if/when eventually diagnosed and who ignore our pleas.

I couldn't agree more. I have decided to stop seeing them. It has caused a lot of stress and set me back again. So from now on its me, TUK and lots of fantastic books. I must admit in all my years on this planet I've never come across a compassionate Dr who really wanted to help.

Sorry about that.

I guess you are just going to have to change practices as the GP is a damn $*£^ing idiot.

It's common knowledge that if you have an earlier menopause you are at greater risk from osteoporosis as you don't have oestrogen to protect you. You are also more at risk from heart disease due to your lack of oestrogen which is why is another reason you need your thyroid hormones treated properly.

Ask around before you change practices to confirm with people especially those with chronic illnesses that that any practice you change to isn't full of stupid GPs like this one.

Thank you Bluebug, its nice to no I am not over reacting. I had changed surgeries and they were even worse, so ended up changing back.

I purchased some natural Progestrone Cream, was a bit worried about Estrogen cream it be honest as I didn't want to end up estrogen dominant <

Just like my experience with the NHS - they love to waste money on test after test but hate actually treating anyone. Makes no sense at all.

It does seem to be that way. I suppose its an easy way out for them. Hidding behind the blood test ranges.

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