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First Thyroid function test results with TSH above range

Hello, I have just got a of a copy of my blood test results. I am not exhibiting any symptoms apart from recent bout of constipation and I have always got very hot with any exercise. I have not been diagnosed with anything yet or any medication but wanted to know what these results mean as my TSH level is above range?


Serum free T4 level - 10.9 pmol/L [7.0 - 16.0]

Serum TSH level - 6.29 miu/L [0.38 - 5.33]

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Yes, that's a high Tsh which indicates your thyroid is under severe

stress. Your T4 is quite low in the range. You need to check whether you have antibodies, Blue Horizon do a thorough private test if your GP refuses, and I would suggest you do this since it includes a T 3 meaurement, which nhs labs usually refuse to do.

How old are you? Would you say that you have less energy than your peers?


Thanks for the reply. I am aged 46 and my energy levels are fine.


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