Blood test results for hyperthyroidism. Advice needed?

I have received blood test result that say it is consistent with hyperthyroidism. I have been referred to an endcrinologist for further review. I can not get into one before I am overseas for 3 months in October. I am assuming that my levels are just outside the range and I am also under the assumption that my visit to the endocrinologist will just result in monitoring the blood levels at this stage and no medication needed. I was just wondering if anyone can advise me if my levels are high that I would need medication to sort it or they are just becoming a concern That I should be OK to head on my holidays without seeing a specialist until I return. My GP was unable to give me any advice other than what hyperthyroidism was.

THS 0.02

Ft4 26

Ft3 8.9

Any advise would be appreciated.

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  • Hi Tracey, your FT3 8.9 looks very high. Do you know what the range is for that test and is it over range? This is usually the indicator for hyperthyroidism. Normally they prescribe carbimazole or propylthiouricil and try to get this in remission. It can be a stress reaction so if you can look into stress reduction techniques and avoid stimulants like caffeine.

  • Thankyou for the quick reply. I don't understand what the test are saying but if I am reading it correctly it's has a normal range of (3.5-6.0) pmol/l and mine is 8.9. I am not sure what would cause it but if it's stress related then holiday might do me some good. From what I have read about the condition it is a prolong period of it being untreated causes Heath issues. I have read the symptoms and it does explain a lot of what I am experiencing. Is it possible that it will subside if it is stress related and I reduce the stress in my life or is it more complicated than that? I know easier said than done. I am not usually a stressed person but I must admit I have been of late with anxiety that I can't really explain. More overreacting to issues that normally wouldn't bother me. However I would hate to think that a little stress in my life sends my body into overdrive. I will have to look into techniques you mentioned.

  • What you are mentioning are symptoms of hyperthyroidism. They are not sure why it's triggered but some believe there is a corrolation with stressful events and the onset.

    I was diagnosed in October and the GP put me on 20mg of carbimozol (not sure that is the correct spelling) and gave me some beta blockers to manage symptoms while I was wait for referral to endocrinologist.

    I have Graves' disease which runs in my family this is autoimmune disease - it could have been triggered by stress but I am very sure it would not be cured by stress management alone.

  • I have never asked for advice before so it is all new to me and it's great to see people trying to help others in providing comfort and the support on these forums. I don't believe there is Graves' disease in my family but that's not to say I couldn't develop it. I would think it would be impossible to not be subjected to certain stresses of everyday life. I have been highly stressed before but have never had the results that indicated hyperthyroidism. GP has requested I get a cerebral MRI due to onset of headaches and blurred vision all of sudden but not sure what the connection would be. Just creates more questions than answers.

  • Your anxiety is part of the symptoms. Personally, I would not have the MRI if they are going to use chemicals. Your brain and neurotransmitters will definitely be involved in your condition which is already known.

    Your pituitary drives the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone and for some reason selenium can be helpful.

    The diet can also be crucial if it contains too many processed foods. Try to stick with whole foods not out of boxes.

    Leaky gut is often the basis for autoimmune disease and stress which can alter gut function may be part of the complex problem of autoimmune disease. This man gives short explanations for many parts of the problem.

  • Forgot to say initially your lab results look very similar to mine. (But without test ranges could say for sure) TSH was 0.01 (range 0.4 to 5.5 and my T4 was 18.3 (range 8.8 to 18.8). I would recommend going to your GP and asking why they are not putting you on a low dose of Carbimozol to stop symptoms getting worse.

  • It may be a good idea to ask for a prescription of the beta blocker proprananol to help with symptoms while you're away. And also some Diazepam. Symptoms can get quickly worse as happened with me, sweating, loose bowels, weakness, palpitations, headaches, anxiety, emotional liability, nausea, intense hunger etc. A low dose of Carbimazole will also dampen down overactive thyroid but I think that would need an Endocrinologist supervision and can also leaving you feeling very tired as thyroid hormone levels can drop too low. I'm sure mine was brought on by stress and poor diet. Relax eat healthily avoid sugar and sweeteners etc. Hope all goes ok for you. x

  • You will need to think of where you are going on holiday. If it is somewhere with a reasonable health system it may be ok. If you are going somewhere more remote you should be careful because hyperthyroidism can get worse very quickly and you could find yourself extremely physically and mentally unwell in an area where there would not be the resources to treat you and you may suffer long term health consequences. You would also need to inform any health insurance company of this as it is a pre existing condition. I think you need to go back to your GP and ask for more help. Have you had thyroid antibodies tested to diagnose for Graves' disease? Has your GP offered any medication whilst waiting for your endo appointment? Or to check your blood levels to see if you are getting worse? I am sorry I think you need to be more pro active and have more information before you can decide if it is safe to go away. Good luck.

  • Fully understand the need to be proactive. I have only just found out and was referred. I have called every endocrinologist in the area and proven hard to get in especially with short notice. The specialist my results were faxed to is overseas until the end of September so they won't even pick it up until he is back. My GP didn't really stress the importance of the condition so I assumed there wasn't really any urgency. I didn't think about the pre exsisting conditions on my travel insurance as when I paid for the insurance I was healthy so thanks for the heads up on that. I know my thyroid antibodies were tested but GP never mentioned Graves' disease and never thought to ask cause I didn't know anything about the condition. It's clear I need to go back to the GP with more of a plan of attack due to my travel plans. Thanks for all the advice.

  • You have been told it's NOT hyperthyroidism, therefore technically there is no reason to tell the insurance company. You do not have a diagnosis. If you suffer an attack while you are away, however, it won't be nice (won't be nice anywhere, but you know what I mean). Nag that GP and if possible try and see one at your practice that isn't a complete idiot.

  • I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism by the GP. I was then referred to endo for opinion and management however the problem is I can't get into one before I leave for my travels. The GP didn't really seem concerned which is why I didn't think it would be an issue. My GP also doesn't know I can't see anyone until After I get back. Speaking to people now maybe suggest that my GP should be managing this until I see an endo. Again I knew nothing of the condition and didn't know the importance of trying to sort something before I go. Rest assured I have already booked back in to see what the GP can do. Thanks again

  • I am not a doctor but your levels do look off. There is a great thyroid group on Facebook called FTPO - thyroid issues ( for the patient only) and several spin off groups for people who have had thyroid removed, adrenal issues, gut issues and chronic Lyme. I would look into it and ask to join, they have a wealth of info and the admins are really knowledgeable! I learned so much after cruising their site for two years. It follows the protocol and n a book titled STTM-stop the thyroid madness. But they can look at your labs and give you their opinion. They are not doctors but have experience from many 1000's of patients and their shared stories. They are a closed group but will let you join after they see you are a real person and not out to sell multilevel marketing products. Good luck!

  • Hi. With your results I agree with everything that has been sent so far. Go and see a private Endo if you need answers fast before your travels. You need meds before you travel. I suspect you have graves as I do and you will need the meds with you. All your symptoms match with graves. You might feel okay this week but next week could be very different. alex

  • Traceyhloe1 I whole heartedly agree with the advice that has been given. No matter how strong and in control of your life emotionally and physically you think you may be at the moment, it all changes with a thyroid problem like Graves/Hyperthyroidism and IT takes over - no matter how irrational you know the stress/anxiety is (and/or any other symptoms of which there are many). You need meds whether or not you are going on holiday.

    Best Wishes


  • Please post units and ranges that should be on the lab sheet.

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