Advice please if cats claw supplement affects an under active thyroid???

Im reaching out to this forum as the advice I have been given so far has been so so valuable. There are some people on this forum that have more knowledge than the GP's.

My question is that I also suffer from rhuemtoid arthiritis as well as hasimotos. I cannot tolerate any of the medication for RA so am thinking of taking cat's claw as that is good for inflammation. However, Im worried that it might interact with thyroxine.

If anyone has any knowledge of this I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks.

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  • My mum takes this and she is hypo. She also has arthiritis. She says it's really good once it kicks in. She also used to to give it to one of her dogs and it helped her 😃

  • Thank you so much.☺

  • No problem hope it helped 👍

  • Hi Katiekatie,

    I have bought some cat claw☺ Do you know how long it took your mum before it stated kicking in? Many thanks

  • I am not sure sorry. I can ask her and let you know though. Think it's about 3 weeks as it has to build up in the system.

  • Hi if you could please ask her I would really appreciate it. If its not too much of a problem. Thank you☺☺

  • Hi, she said it started kicking in after 2 weeks. That was with taking it daily.

  • Thank you so much. Will give it a go.☺☺

  • No problem hope it helps you. I know arthiritis is very painful.

  • Yes it is v painful. And with being hypo its no fun. I have heard v gd reviews about cats claw so fingers crossed. Thanks once again.

  • She takes Levo. Should think as long as you are taking the cats claw 4 hours away from the thyroid meds you will be ok.

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