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Post baby thyroid check on 75mg levothyroxine

Hi just a quick question before seeing my gp later.

I had a partial thyroidectomy 5 years ago. Started Levo whilst pregnant as T4 had dropped below 11. Tsh was high of normal.

I've just called for my results from last weeks test, I am 12 weeks post baby.

Ft4 19.2 TSH 0.4 and FT3 was 3 something.

Am I right thinking that with a decent FT4 like that we would expect a highter FT3?

I am having horrible headaches and still have various hypo symptoms.

Just wondering what your thoughts are. Could I do with trying something with a T3 supplement in? And what should that be in the uk?

Thanks Anna

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Congratulations on your new baby :)

Hard to say how well you are converting without the exact results and ranges. If you post them in a new question members will advise.


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