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Soy Lecithin and Hashimotos

Odd question, but has anyone had a symptom of being in the middle of writing something (with a pen, not typing) and getting completely stuck? I have just worked out that I have an issue with Soya, Soy lecithin and all derivatives. So I read some papers and one said an overload of soy lecithin impedes the part of the brain associated with writing. I've had that for years, just get a blip sometimes, can be in the middle of a word and get totally lost. It's not a literacy issue, because it has never ever happened when typing.

Has anyone else had it?

If I try to explain a scenario

Writing a shopping list

Almond Milk


Car...... Stuck on carrots, some helpful soul says " double r o t s "

I say. It's not that I can't spell it. I just can't write it.

I can't even copy the r I have already written, I leave it a minute and continue fine


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Well, any form of unfermented soy is bad, bad, bad. Especially for hypos. So, you should be avoiding it. Soy protein, soy flour, soy milk, soy oil, etc. But, I've never heard of that particular problem before. Do you consume a lot of soy lecithin?


I didn't know it was in Organic brown rice with Quinoa or gluten and dairy free korma sauce. Silly me, I've been living on this organic rice stuff since giving up gluten and Dairy, and unwittingly ingested loads of it. gluten free sausages too. Giving up Gluten has sent me down a soy path I never knew was that dangerous


Good heavens! That is atrocious! We really do have to read the labels! Nothing is safe.


I know! When I was a bread eater I religiously read bread labels got soya because at one stage practically all soya was GM, and I never wanted a GM product in my body. Organic was safe as no soya could get in. But it's all changed now.

Just have to read everything but beware of seeds of change organic brown rice and quinoa sounds innocent but has a mighty long list of ingredients.

Still, have got a thing that might work, here's to learning and moving on.

Thanks to the mysymptoms app.

Jolly tedious typing in every ingredient I ingest. But it has flagged soy lecithin as my enemy in just four days.

£3 well spent.

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Yes, but I could have told you that for free! lol


Good news from Black Farmer sausages, new beef and chicken varieties launched later this month will contain no soya.

And if enough of us want them to, they'll take it out of the others.

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Hecks sausages are really nice

"97% British Pork Shoulder, Seasoning (Salt, Rice Flour, Spices, Preservative (Sodium SULPHITE), Sugar, Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid)). Filled into natural pork casings.


Love your comment:

"Still, have got a thing that might work, here's to learning and moving on."

Well said.


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