Requested home visit from doc at last had a doc see me at my worst blood test done had a phone call from emergence depart letting me know so can't post these until I get full result but I can't take any t4 or hardly any t3 just makes me worst l have been reading this forum for past 7 yrs and have done my best with all the following your helpful advice I will be phoning the doctors tomorrow have been feeling so bad that I haven't the energy to reply etc

Endoknob say no more !,,!!!!!' Thanks to your good selves I know more than they seem to what investigating should or could you suggest ? This has-exhausted me so will not be able to say a lot back thanks

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  • Did you sort out your b12, d3 and did you do an adrenal saliva test? If not, maybe it would be a good idea.... You will be running on adrenalin, as your body seems to just want to hibernate.

    Think you have had these problems for long enough and if the emergency department have rung you, it may be worth asking them to refer you to an endocrinologist, prefereably one who knows about thyroid..... Suggest you ask on here is anyone has had any luck with any in your area, and its worth you asking admin on here for a copy of their list of endos who have treated people well. .. Stick to your guns and only see someone who has properly studied thyroid.


  • Thank you for replying I have been taking jarrows I agree adrenals

    Right at the beginning the had a useless endo at our local hospital and then requested to go to Southampton hos much better did try me on many different types and went onto t3 only but still had problems he did a injection test for adrenals came back ok don't know the readings when I said why can't I take the meds he said I don't know since then have gone Down hill and was then too ill to get over there live on the I.o.w so had to go back to the one on the island 2 years ago I did get a 24 hour urine test but as it all went in the same bottle average given someone wrote on here it's like taking the average of the desert temps. There has been no follow ups since but his attitude was so bad I don't ever want to see him again I should of complained . His first question Is there any meds you can take 2nd I hear your obsessed with the Internet 3rd how can I help mentally,, any way I have been through to the docs they have results hospital got in touch with them and I will be getting a phone call after his morning surgery so keeping my fingers crossed will let you know what he suggests otherwise will get saliva test done. Have requested copy of test done and they are going to send a copy will post when I receive them thanks xx

  • please let us know you are OK

  • Will update when I've seen doc thanks X

  • I went to Southampton for my asthma as they are well known for being good in that area. However, they asked what medication i take and when i said T3, they said they didnT ever use it. So, as they were treating my asthma, not my thyroid, I refused to let them do a thyroid test. ( I posted on here about it)

    the one collection, adrenal test isnT really the one you need to see how you are doing through the day..... Get the saliva one as soon as you are able.....

    The endo saying he didnT know why you canT take the meds wasn't really much help..... What you need is properly investigating to find out why...

    It might be that the Levothyroxine and the liothyronine which are prescribed are not real hormones, but sythetic versions..... Have you ever tried dessicated throid? ndt, armour, erfa, or nature throid?


  • Southampton hos were 100% better than the island and they made themselves available by phone but as it was early in the treatment I didn't have the knowledge which I have now thanks for this site. Meanwhile I became so unwell that the fight in me wasn't there. At no time was there any follow up from here on our lovely island it's only the view me from going insane . I'm a little more hopefull that this doc might now follow up he seems more open minded he's phoned me and is coming round tomorrow to see our next step I will be telling him about the salvia test and see his reaction! He has already mentioned a natural thyroid so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Will up date.

    Thanks x

  • Just seen doc as I had already tried all types of thyroid replacement including natural where do we go from here? He recommended dr David Owen I ve noticed his name has come up on this site befor I'm looking how to get to him in Winchester it's going to cost a lot to get there and will have to have someone with me with TSH 129.5 you can understand this is a problem but I'm looking into taxi from south sea £100 return but seeing as I haven't been able to get out the flat for ages I've manage to put some money's away , it just the logistics I've got to work on thanks for your replies X

  • Is it worth contacting the hospital to see if they can arrange oatient transport? Friend of mine in weymouth has a car come and collect her driven by a volunteer, and they take her to Southampton or Poole hospitals, they wait whilst she is seen and then they bring her back. You may have to ask several people, not everyone understands the scheme.


  • Thanks for the reply will try this scene if I have to see endo again, as dr Owen is a private practice doubt if I could get help with that l am looking into taxis at the moment it's finding someone to come with me my balance is so bad at the moment and it will end up an all day trip on a Monday X

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