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Hi all,

Does anyone know of possible causes for a tingling face – hard to describe, but I'd say it's like mild pins and needles. It's mostly on the left-hand side of my face, particularly around my eye. (No visible sign, so it's not one of those muscle spasms that makes your eyelid flicker!) I've had similar tingling before, nearer my mouth, but while that has never lasted long, this seems to have gone on for about a week.

Thanks for any insights!

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Taffhamster Did you get your B12 up to optimal level (1000) and are you on a maintenance dose?

Hi Susie – thanks for the reply! I did wonder about B12 – need to get it tested. I don't think it's ever been as high as 1000.

Clutter advised you on B12 and folate in this post healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... . It might be an idea to get them tested again, also Vit D as unless you've been supplementing that you could well be low there too.

Vit D is recommended to be 100-150nmol/L. B12 is recommended to be 1000 by the Pernicious Anaemia Society and folate should be at least half way through it's range.

Sounds like low B12 ..... However if you have been supplementing any further testing will show skewed results. B12 remains in the blood for months after stopping - albeit at a low level. Your result of a year ago could well have caused neurological symptoms.

Do you have any gut issues ? Are you taking anything that could prevent good uptake of B12 in the stomach ?

Thanks, Marz. I think I'm just generally run down – work has been a bit of a 'mare over the past few months. Long hours, no real lunch break, getting home too late to eat properly when I get in, so I'm either going without or grabbing something on the go. I need to take another look at what I'm eating – increasingly prone to diarrhoea.

Taffhamster - are you supplementing B12 ?

Yes, sublingual but just a maintenance dose. Maybe I need to raise it – overdue retesting.

Just bear in mind that testing whilst supplementing will skew results ...

Hi Taffhamster, I get tingling in the left side of my face and at its worst it carries round to the back of my head and along comes headaches. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction was suggested by my Doc but ENT tests were inconclusive. If I have a sinus issue then the tingling usually kicks in. All very confusing for me, sometimes I think it's nerve related (I've disc damage in my neck) other times sinus and also combination of the two. If I have an anxious free sleep, I'm good for the day 🤗


A deficiency in Vit B12 is common in people with tingling but not my reason for loads of it, mainly last year, in hands & feet but also face and especially behind my eyes, making vision very weird.

I have managed to address all nutrient deficiencies and achieve optimal thyroid hormones and the tingling has left. I think it another strange symptom that doctors would never believe, and comes with years of being undiagnosed and then unrealistically left to recover on insufficient meds.

I also had the Eustachian Tube trouble birdie mentions above which became worse with swimming but this has also gone. Have you had nutrients//iron recently checked ? Have you thyroid test results to post complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment.

Hi Radd,

Nothing recent to post, but I'm hoping to make an appointment with my doctor this week to get more tests.


Ask for calcium to be checked. Low calcium can cause tingling and numbness in the face, particularly around the mouth and nose.

Will do – I don't think Calcium has been a problem for me historically, but definitely worth seeing if it has become an issue.

If your vitamin D levels drop, then so does calcium.

I used to get this when my b12 was low. It would be scary sometimes and I worried I may be having a stroke as it was on the left side of my face only. Since getting my b12 up it hasn't happened. Still needs to go up further.

I get a tingling around my mouth & left side of my face when I eat something I have tolerance issues with. Doesn't last all that long though.

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