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I am a frist timer on this forum an found the topic intresting i found out that i have over active thyroid by doing a general blood the doctor send me to do a thyroid update scan the report come back saying that my gland is engarged an shows unifrom increased isotope uptake no discrete nodule was demomstrated uptake measured was 5.2 percent please help me i dont know what is isotope thank someone answer me please

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I don't have hyperthyroidism so can't comment on the 5.2% result but an isotope scan showing increased uptake denotes too much thyroid hormone is being produced.

Have you been tested for Graves disease ?


Thyroid Gland



Yes the report in the update scan said impression graves disease

Sandy 12 thank you for your imput i sweat alot like a pan of water throw on me an my eyes are plup an pain in my body feeling out sometime weakness in myself an when i started to eat i can,t stop my heart feel like butterfly sometime i act up with the children tend to shout at them .i am on the carbimazole an thepropranolol an i think its helping me i came off it for three days to do the thyroid uodate scan an it comes symptom come right back i am back on it now when igo back to my doctor iwill kno what is what but i need answers for thetotal uptake measured was 5.2 percent what is that thankyou sandy 12

Hi sandy 12 sorry about not responding did'nt have any service got back my result an it his Tsh 3.44 Ft4 0.77 an Ft32.24 my end said that one of then is low she said its because of the meds was too high i was taking 9 carbs a day an she lower the dose to3 med once a aday thank you for you imput

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