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Why glandular for elevated cortisol?

Good morning.

Please i would really appreciate if someone could give me a thought of why I've been advised to take nutri adrenal extra when my cortisol is actually elevated? I'm taking it for 2 months for "supporting" (doctors expression) adrenals alongside with ndt. It's silly but i only now realised that i don't understand the logic behind this advice. Thank you everyone.

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i had high cortisol and tried that approach and i was so hyper i was bouncing off the walls, went to another dr and she glandulars unles you are low cortisol and when you are high...only vitamin that support it.....glandulars hype you up more


Thank you very much indeed. This sounds more reasonable to me. I'm going to try B complex instead then.


theres two herbs that are good too rhodiola and astrangulus...i didnt spell those correctly but if you google...adrenal herbs....those are listed and my dr said were good to in relaxing


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