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glandular fever

just wondering if there is any connection to hypothyroidism.  Has anyone else experienced glandular fever that just appears from nowhere.. had not been anywhere where I could possibly contract it. I am

72  and don't go anywhere or have intimate relationships so how is it possible?  My Dr took blood tests and told me it was the case but she has made so many errors that I'm wondering if this could be another one. Thanks anyone who may have the time to reply.

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There is an association.


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Hello haras

Even if you don't go out much I guess people come to you and glandular fever can be caught without having intimate contact.

Someone recently posted on here a very interesting link to an article about Epstein-Barr virus which is another name for glandular fever, it linked with hypothyroidism and vitamin D, worth taking a look ...


thank you thyr01d.. I did see that one so it seems my thoughts on the subject proved correct.


Hi Haras

I caught glandular fever from presumably a poorly washed cup or something whilst out of own environment. As I too was not in a relationship, nor had been. It was many years ago but I remember being puzzled as to why I caught it. And I was quite poorly with it plus had after effects later from it.


thank you Rosepetal60 (love your name) apparently there is a link between hypothyroidism and glandular fever which you might like to have a look at it.

I only found out from a post by Clutter (Administrator)... yay, we learn something every day!



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