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Surgery needed now for graves

Hi everyone hope your all well. I told you all recently about a reaction I'd had with my tabs so was put on some different ones. Sadly I've reacted to those to with the itching and a sore throat. My specialist rang me today to tell me not to take anymore tablets and because my readings are getting higher I have to have it removed.

I said I'd rather try the iodine but she said it's too risky because of how my thyroid is reacting to the tablets. I wondered if any of you lovely people have went through this and how was it. X

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Hi. Sounds like me! I was just the same when I was finally diagnosed with graves about 16 years ago. I had numerous treatments like steroids (.Huge weight gain) thyroid suppressants taken with thyroxine. I was having so many problems I had to have a blood test every two weeks! My TH levels went up and down LIKE CRAZY. I eventually was told that total thyroidectomy surgery was the the best option. I have now been taking just thyroxine for about 11 years now. I have forgotten just how bad I was...... My energy levels have been good especially now I have been on a Mediterranean type diet for a few years now. Lots of exercise also helps. I hope this helps. You know your body best 😄😄

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Thank you for your reply. I'm just a bit in a spin as I was only diagnosed a few months ago. So everything's happening too fast. Did you have eye problems too. I'm wondering if my eyes will go back to normal after they take it out. In time of course x


Yes. My eyes felt really weird I looked like I was staring at everything , looked worse because I was short sighted with strong glasses. I would recommend reading about the condition as much as you can. Getting your doctor on side really helps. Your doctor should refer you to a local endocrine specialist too. I'm sure you will start to feel better once you get used to it . hyperthyroidism seems to make you more anxious too. I would really recommend some sort of daily physical exercise. It does help so much 😄


I do seem to of been lucky with my specialist and she's given me a lot of advice etc but now it's all gone pear shaped. I'm a bit of a jigsaw as I have degenerative disc disease and fibromyalgia too. She did explain that I would be difficult to treat because of my meds and they were right x


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