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just need someone to talk too and a rant!

i took my boy to the gp today as he has been looking very pale and having bouts of feeling like he was going to pass out, he will get real hot and go pale, anyway i told her i wanted him checked for anemia and other stuff as we have b12 deficiency in our family, (i wish i never now) she put the needle in my sons arm (he was being so brave) then all of a sudden i looked at him and his eyes started rolling to the back of his head, his head then flew back and he started shaking vigoursly, i was so distraught, i screamed at the gp and she didn't seem to care i was so angry i visioned smacking her!

it took a hour for my son to completely recover and he is fine now (thank-god) i am left still in shocked and feeling like crap, why do this effect me for so long, why cant i be strong for my children?

my son promises he wont ever have his blood done again, she didn't even use the needles that i have always had used :/ x

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so sorry of this unpleasant experience

how old/young is your son?

how is he now? have you found out why he started to 'shake vigorously?' I know people faint when having a blood test done (is this was the doctor was doing?) and the rolling of the eyes and falling back is common, but the shaking?

hugs to you and your boy x


he is 12 I took him back for another appointment what made me angry is she said we will have to leave cause she has other patients to see but my son was unable to stand on his own, and rather then rush to get him some water she was more interested in putting the labels on his blood work with his name, he is fine now, bruised a lot though x


Sometimes stress can bring on a faint that can turn into a seizure/fit.

My daughter when she was younger used to get herself into a state when she had to have a blood test done or visit to the dentist as hated the sight of needles, also if she had a bad fall and from the shock she would have an episode like what you experienced today !

I am sure your son will be fine, it takes a while for a person to recover after a seizure as the body is tired. Children normally bounce back quick at least you will be prepared for anything like this in the future.


it took a few hours, I carried on being in shock, im making a formal complaint about the gp though x


I'm sensing that it was the doctor's heartless attitude that upset you as much as the bad experience your son was having. How much effort does it take to be nice and have some humanity? I just don't understand how they can be so unpleasant.

After such a horrible experience for you both I'd be tempted to treat yourselves to a large bowl of ice cream or a chocolate doughnut. You shouldn't have been treated like that.

I do hope that you both feel a little better now and have a good evening. Maybe the test will help in the long run, and that would be good news.

Jane x x


funny you should say that, we all had a lovely ice cream from the van, im so glad he is ok now, it was so scary, thanks all :) x


So sorry that your son had to have a bad experience with his blood test ... if its any consulation you will still feel the same protective way towards him when he's 40 :-) xxx


it will never get easier ay lol, my hildren keep me going even though they can be terrors x


I still get worried and jump up and down if any of my chicks are ill ( children and grandchildren ) or anyone is giving them problems. haha Its a mother thing.

My grandson had to have blood tests last week ( his first one ever ) and they tried to take it out of the back of his hand after they applied anesthetic cream on it and left it to work for an hour ,, she couldnt find the vein and was wiggling the needle around in his hand looking for one ??? eventually he said its very sore now your really hurting me ... Its a good job I wasnt there I would have told her to go away and find someone else who knew what they were doing.

Eventually she took the blood from a vein on the side of his arm above his wrist.

And it was done on the pediatric ward ?

I hope she isn't there when he goes back in next week for the day he will be worried to death.

So after having this experience related back to me when they got home .... I understand just how you feel. xxx


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