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New and looking for answers


I'm new to this forum, 45 and female.

I have recently been diagnosed hyper after going to the doctors in June with a long list of symptoms which resulted in bog standards blood tests being done. I've noticed that some on the forum are good at interpreting the results and I'd be interested to know if I was a mild case or not.

In June my serum free T3 was 28.8 (3.90-6.80 pmol/L)

Vit D 29 (50.00-150.00nmol/L)

Given 80 mg slow release propanalol to calm symptoms of high heart rate and tremor -

Went to A&E approx 2 weeks later as really not feeling well & high resting heart rate

A & E doc said he would nudge my GP to prescribe carbimazole and suggested increase in propanalol.

Started on 5mg carbimazole along with 40mg propanalol x 3 a day

thyroid function test in early August - I can't see a T3 result here- not sure if that is normal or not!!

TSH <0.02 (0.35-5.00 mU/L)

serum free T4 71.8 (11.00-23.00 pmol/L)

Liver function is fine with that the exception of gamma GT level- at 70 (0.00-42.00 U/L) (no idea if this is an issue or not- I guess not as carbimazole was increased)

Carbimazole increased to 10mg (so still a low dose)

Often feel nauseous and shaky and sweaty (yuck!!) and quite tire and snappy? I have a tender front of neck and some difficulty swallowing. I recall saying to my brother some months ago ( maybe more than a year ago) it felt like I'd be karate chopped in the neck! If my heart rate nears even just a 100 or so when resting I feel crap... Sometimes my heart rate seems to be a much better bmp rate e.g 85 ish, but the thump in my chest is so strong. I don't like that feeling either - is high blood pressure causing that feeling? I feel and see my pulse my stomach, I can see it in my eyes sometimes, ( it's like the floaters pulse). Some times my whole body seems to move with my pulse... My husband thinks I'm weird, but perhaps it's all pretty normal.

I've stopped cycling as in that was one of the reasons I went to the doctor - I was feeling awful after riding and it took me hours and hours to recover as my heart rate was bonkers.

Meeting endo on 5th sept. and then have an interview for a uni course directly afterwards (great timing!!)

So any thoughts?

What might my diagnosis be?

My mains questions are... Am I in for the long haul? How long till I feel better? Is it likely I will get worse before getting better? Will I manage my 30 hours a week job and a part time masters course?

I've felt better cutting out wheat , but what else can I eat to help me feel better? I seem to have a very sensitive tummy (have done for years!) I have eating at work I case I eat something that sets me off and I need to dash! This does seem to be worse Around my period

Vitamin D levels- are they an issue?

Can I exercise?

What questions should I ask the endo?

any tips for calming my heart rate?

If you've read this far, thank you!! I'd be interested in thoughts


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Hello and welcome,

First of all please click on "edit" and add the ranges to your test results as ranges vary around the country due to the different labs use, and some posters are international so different units are used. Putting in the ranges allows people to work out what country you are likely in and what units are being used.

Secondly if you are low in vitamin D how is that being addressed? Some of the symptoms you are experiencing would be due to low vitamin D levels. In addition you need adequate vitamin D to ensure your thyroid hormones work effectively.

Thirdly it is not normal for FT3 to be included on NHS thyroid blood tests partly to save money and party because NHS medical practitioners are not taught that FT3 levels are important.

Most importantly no blood tests are "normal" ALWAYS get the test result AND range of any blood test you have then post them. This is important for two reasons:

1. The NHS "normal" range leads to people suffering with vitamin and mineral deficiencies for decades.

2. Posters here can see histories of inflammation and/or infection which your doctors will not see by clicking on your previous posts.


Hi, thanks for your reply and info.

I've edited as suggested. Would it be easier to upload a photo of the results?

The vit D wasn't even mentioned by my GP I only saw that when I got the printout today. So not being treated. Ill ask to about that.

Thanks again



Thanks for the edit.

Your GP may tell you to treat your vitamin D yourself.

Either way please start a new thread once you have seen him with your vitamin D result and range, plus what he's told you to take as lots of GPs do not tell people to take enough vitamin D to raise their levels to optimal within 6 months.

BTW An optimal level of vitamin D is 100nmol/L.

At the moment all the endo is likely to do is advise your GP to increase your Carbimazole gradually until your thyroid hormones are within range. This will take some time.

I suggest you don't worry about exercising but doing your job and your Masters. I also suggest you tell your tutor that you have thyroid and vitamin D issues - see if you can get a note from your GP that says this.

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