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t3 and low testosterone

hi guys

i'm on t3 still,its been 5 weeks today and still feeling no better.

I've dropped my dose down today cause its just not having any good affects of me. i got some test results back yesterday and i'm low in testosterone,it seems to be one things after another lately.

i a'm speaking to doctor on tueday, any comments would be appreciated.

Test Name Result Units Range

Cortisol (Saliva) 8.1 ng/mL 3.7-9.5 (morning)

Cortisol (Saliva) 4.7 H ng/mL 1.2-3.0 (noon)

Cortisol (Saliva) 3.2 H ng/mL 0.6-1.9 (evening)

Cortisol (Saliva) 0.6 ng/mL 0.4-1.0 (night)

Estradiol (Blood Spot) 39 pg/mL 12-56

Testosterone (Blood Spot) 393 L ng/dL 400-1200 (Age Dependent)

Ratio: T/SHBG (Blood Spot) 0.2 L .7 - 1.0

DHEAS (Blood Spot) 136 µg/dL 70-325

SHBG (Blood Spot) 63 nmol/L 15-120

PSA (Blood Spot) 2.0 ng/mL <0.5-4 (optimal 0.5-2)

Free T4 (Blood Spot)* 1.9 ng/dL 0.7-2.5

Free T3 (Blood Spot) 6.5 pg/mL 2.5-6.5

TSH (Blood Spot) <0.2 L µU/mL 0.5-3.0

TPOab (Blood Spot)* 35 IU/mL 0-150 (70-150 borderline)

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Is any doctor treating or going to treat your testosterone levels? As this could be the main thing that is causing you to feel like carp.

I have read on here that if you are taking T3 then your TSH and FT4 levels should be ignored.

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yh, ill be having a skype chat with a private doc on monday so i ghope his got a plan.


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