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I have resonantly gone onto Armour thyroid 2 weeks ago... I am feeling very depressed irritable and anxious, did feel a little anxious before, as i had just come off Fluoxetine, reduced for 4 weeks and had been clear 4 weeks of them before Armour.... This last year has been hell..... Had a knee op last August, went on Tramodol, stopped it suddenly, had withdrawal, then Doctor put me on AD's, had different ones with weeks of withdrawal in between each one, also the loss of my husband over 3 years ago has affected me, I think i am still grieving.... Can the Armour make you worse before better.... I was also told I may have adrenal problems on a thyroid facebook site, that long term on just T4 can hide the fact you have adrenal problems, and it is not until you stop, it emerges, Is this the case? Can you get tested for your adrenals before the Armour goes into your system, or have you got to wait...... I started taking my dosage 1grain one day and 1.5 the next day, then read that I should have started on 1 gran for 7 to 10 days and gradually introducing the half every other day, did this for a week, still didn't feel good, so I went back to the original dose, I have now gone even worse, so much so I drank 1.5 bottles of wine last night, stupid I know, haven't really drank much at all in this last year.. My anxiety has really been bad today, have been in touch with my Endo's secretary, and she is going to get him to get in touch with me tomorrow..... Hope someone can reassure me, with regards to Armour, so very frustrated and upset...... Hilary x

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I have never heard of introducing the Armour every other day. How would that work? It can work with levo, because that's a storage hormone. But Armour contains T3, which needs a steady, constant supply. I think the ups and down of your T3 might be part of your problem.

Impossible to say how anyone is going to react to Armour when they first start taking it, because we're all so different. But, I have to say, Armour doesn't suit everyone. No form of thyroid hormone replacement does. But, it's early days, yet. You have to give it a fair try.

I'm sorry to hear about your husband. It must be very hard for you. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you were still grieving. But it will take the time it takes. You can rush these things. Grieving is very important, so be kind to yourself. And if 1 1/2 bottles of wine is what it takes from time to time, so be it. Don't beat yourself up over it. Whatever gets you through the night. :)

Thanks for your reply, I think your right in what you said about the half every other day, someone else said the same thing about the steady flow of T3.... must admit the Endo did say 1.5 grains every day, it was my idea, as 1 grain was under the amount , that was 65 mirco, and 1.5 came out as 97 mirco , and as i was taking 75micograms of Levo I thought my way would balance out better so the Endo agreed with every other day 1.5.... Would I be best over or under, as with levo if your over that can course more anxiety, not sure what to do..... Hilary

Start with under, and see how you feel. Increase in two weeks and see how you feel. Or, can you not take 1/4 pill?

Stupid endo!

Do they do quarter of a pill, as i was on the understanding, you couldn't get quarters now, especially in the UK, did see on the internet Canada had quarter, but not sure that they do a quarter now..... My Endo didn't seem to think there were quarters, but if you know were i could get quarter, you could privately let me know..... Many thanks for all your help..... Hilary x

You can see what the company that manufactures Armour Thyroid says here:

I'm afraid l have no idea. I was thinking, cut the pill in quarters, but l have no idea if that is possible, either. I don't take Armour. Sorry.

Thanks for your reply, will try to cut them...... x

You're welcome. :)

From my own experience my (many) docs have always checked out my adrenals, via the 24 hour cortisol test, before looking at my thyroid levels. It is quite low but they say its OK! I think first testing the adrenals is basic protocol. I have had a good doc, two stupid Endos and my present good Endo and they have all done the adrenal test first. I am on Armour 1.5g, btw, and have no problems. I went cold turkey from Levo to Armour and had no problems - quite the opposite, I felt my headache, my thigh muscle pains and my general malaise lift within twenty minutes.

Also, I realize this is not your main problem but, I have found that I cannot tolerate much wine since going on thyroid meds. I have to restrict myself to one small glass with dinner otherwise I get a hang over the following morning and I find that my mood is low and dragging all day. Life was never like that, but now I have to be very careful of my intake.

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