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Another doc appointment still thinks anxiety

So saw another doctor today who's actually very nice and friendly but again things everything is due to anxiety. I went there about a refferal again to urology due to numbness, tingling, pain and dry skin. Because I saw one last year couldn't find anything wrong after MRI of the groin he said no point. I gave him other symptoms i could think f at top of my head and still said he thinks it's all anxiety but did say he would refer me to another endo (third one) so have refferal for one that does prescribe T3. He also did say about conversion problems with t3 and t4 and even throid hormone resistance (hormons don't go into the cells) He said if no medication worked (t3 or ndt) would you agree it was all anxiety....Not really no. But anyway yeah. Biggest concern for me right now is my geneitals especially the head of my penis. It so dry, no sensitivity, ca be painful and since last night getting lot tingling down there and everywhere.

How can anxiety possibly cause all that as well as pain all over body, memory problems (feel like i have dementia at times) seizure like epsisodes, body temp all over the place etc etc. I also told him about my raynauds and he thinks thats a seperate issue but I really don't think it is. I think its linked because that's one of the first real symptom that i got with the start og hashis (i think)

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Hmmm... have you had your B12 tested? Sounds a lot like low B12.

They really get up your nose with their anxiety, don't they. Next time one of them gives his consdered opinion of anxiety, tell him that anxiety is a symptom, not a disease!


I be anxious if I thought my bits were going to drop off and I bet he would too. It does sound like a B12 problem. I get tingling unless my B12 is kept really high.


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