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Hi all,

I'm looking to book an appointment with Dr Bernard Willis in the Winchester Surgery but not had responses to several email enquiries and the phone line seems to go straight to voicemail messages. Have I just been unlucky at the times I've been phoning or has anyone else experienced this?

It would be great if anyone could PM me with their experiences of Dr Willis and the clinic or if someone has any other recommendations based on personal experience. I live in South Wales and am prepared to travel but would prefer not to have to go into Central London (although I will if I have to to see the right person).

Thanks in anticipation to you all. X

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Use the webform below to obtain a member recommended list of doctors and practitioners from Thyroid UK.


Thank you Clutter, I already have the list that's where I got Dr Willis' name from. Just wondered if anyone has had any problems booking an appointment or has any other doctors advice re personal experience. X


Hi Clutter

Have already tried the Natural Practice but have just sent msg to London Now so fingers crossed. X


It's August. He may be on holiday.

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It's a possibility and have no problem with that it's the season!!! But the email is a generic address to the clinic which takes bookings for several doctors practising there and open five days a week. I would have thought it good business practice to just bounce a quick response to say that he is on leave and bookings will resume when he returns on whatever date and to contact them then. X


Hi - I haven't been to Dr Willis but I have heard good things. I was thinking about going as I live nearby so I noticed the problem about getting through on the phone. You could try the London number and ask how to go to the Winchester Surgery. He is on the Thyroid UK list of doctors in both Hampshire and London. Good luck!


Hi Bluemaxx.

I've just had a call back from the Natural Practice and got my appointment booked. Secretary was really lovely and suggested that my original email may have gone in spam but we're all sorted now and I've got my appointment in a couple of weeks. I think I must have been unlucky on the times I rang and reception had maybe popped out or something. It's only about an 1.5 - 2 hours away for me and we've travelled down that way quite a bit so no probs there.

Feeling positive now as it's taken me so long to make these decisions about whether to go above my GP and see someone and even who to see.

I know things could still take some time but at least the journey can be started soon.

Take Care. X


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