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Hi all, I started having difficulty on 12th June with blurry vision and my left eye felt like it was bulging. My GP reduced my levo on the 1st July but today on the 12th August my right eye has also now started. I suffer from underactive thyroid but I do have autoimmune issues too. Should I be dealing with my eye situation this weekend or can I wait to get into my GP's next week. It is a little scary with both eyes now blurry and i am not sure how quick these things take to progress

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If this is due to thyroid eye disease you need to go to an a and e with an eye department now. The longer vision is effected the more likely that long term irreversible damage can happen. I had an acute episode in Feb 2015 went to a and e after 24 hours and was told I was lucky not to lose sight in one eye. I required a course of steroids to dampen down the autoimmune response. Please do not put your vision at risk. Good luck

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Yes your right, Thank you x


They took a history and bloods, also pictures of my eyes using a special camera that they sent to ophthalmologist via a computer, then given oral steroids no his advice and an appointment for an urgent MRI scan of orbits 3 days later, this confirmed the diagnosis and then saw ophthalmologist, at emergency eye clinic for optometry and treatment plan.


Just a quick tip if you have problems with your eyes a GP is not the person to go to. If you don't think it is serious go to an optician, if you think it is serious go to A&E. Loss of vision is serious so you go to A&E asap.

Likewise if you have issues with your jaw or mouth e.g. lumps you have for weeks/months and are worried about then make an appointment to see a dentist.

GPs are generalists and like they know nothing about nutrient they know little about eye and jaw/mouth disorders. Both opticians and dentists can refer you on to their more specialised colleagues in eye and dental departments of hospitals if necessary by-passing your GP. Please tell your family and friends this.


this appears to be classic signs of thyroid eye disease, my lady had exactly the same problems and was refered directly to ''moorefields'' -- and dealt with superbly , albeit over 2+ years ,and now only has to attend 1 -2 times a year [ for onward monitoring ] ----- moorefields has a specific department to cover t.e.d [ its called ''ADNEXAL'' ] and the staff especially Mr david V. [ the main man ] ...... just a little tip though there is a product that has been advertised that you spray on the outside of your eyelids that really helped my lady because of ease of use , may be worth a try , pm me for the name of it , that was accepted by moorefields because with ted you do need to lubricate your eye[s] ...... hope that this helps you .....alan x


b.t.w. my lady was refered directly to moorefields by the endo treating her


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