Problems with one eye only?

I have Hypothyroid but I also have MS. Because of having MS, everything (and I mean everything) I suffer from is put down to the MS but I feel that's not necessarily the case.

My question is, does anyone with Hypo have problems with one eye only? My right eye gets blurry during the day off and on, especially if I've been using the computer or go from a dark place to a very bright place. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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  • Sorry you had no replies - hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity..



  • Hi This happens with any disease, My consultants expect me to self diagnose for this reason, they say with all my major illnesses, lots, I am the only one who can tell what is going on.I have TED amongst other things. One eye can definitely be worse than another. However, this does not sound like this to me. I would be sure to see an eye consultant. Not good to assume with eyes.It does sound like a focussing problem, which I also have. No goodanswer, although I have srong prisms to help.

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  • Hi. This may not be very helpful but about 2am I couldn't sleep and looked at thyroid problems on you tube. There was one with a head and shoulders picture of a dark haired girl and who ever had done the commentary was looking for thyroid clues in the face. He started on the eye brows then went into the inner corner of the eyes and also lack of lower eye lashes. Then he pulled out a little and pointed out the eyes were different sizes and the smaller one was more static looking. I can't remember much more but it was a thyroid problem. He doctor was very difficult to listen to as he wasn't reading from a script so was slow, hesitant and often started the sentence again or corrected himself. I was very tired and I'm afraid I wasn't taking much in but if no further replies it might be a good idea to look on there. Sorry can't be more helpful but if I get some time today I'll try to find it for you and post

  • Early Facial Signs of Thyroid Dysfunction - Self Help

    ByTim Goyetche51,937 views

    That's what I was watching. Haven't had chance to watch again as dashing out but I hope I've remembered it correctly! My apologies if it doesn't answer your question

  • Yes my face went all lop sided and the left eye is smaller and as is as you say that side is "static looking ". I remember thinking - there is something weird about my face, it does not look right any more. Interesting.

  • Interesting.x

  • I have hypo and my left eye has had problems. I have a ptosis (droopy eyelid) that gets worse as the day goes on by evening the eye can behalf shut which is very tiring and makes reading virtually impossible. I get variable problems with it like blurry vision double vision and it is very slow to recover or may not properly resolve say if I have been doing close work and then need distance vision. Also like you, with the computer and going from light to dark. I have to blink hard and my eyes hurt. Sometimes it is worse than others. I took a daily photo on an iPhone app for fun which proved to be good evidence that I had a eye problem as It clearly showed the ptosis developing and worsening. I was then taken seriously and referred on. I have had tests on it, I think for MG, including some really weird electrical stimulation test - but I never got any results back (I moved cities halfway through the consultations and no one seems to know where the report went!) I was supposed to have further investigations at Addenbrookes but they cancelled my appointment last minute because of the Queen visiting I tried to rearrange (virtually impossible to get through to anyone) and gave them a date after which I was free to attend (no more than 6 weeks ahead). They said it was too far ahead for their booking system and I would have to go back to my GP and start all over again, now that's what I call quality care :-( I wished I had stayed with Guys they were very good - even my GP was furious about it, I have still heard nothing 6mths later) I work as an illustrator so having good eyesight is really important for me. I have pretty much lost the will to live where these eye tests are concerned and I am just praying it does not get any worse. The opticians say everything looks fine with the eye. It deffo has something to do with the hypo.

  • I forgot to say I had shingles on the optic nerve about 13 years ago and wonder if this is somehow related.

  • Hi MSer,I have blurring problems with my left eye and it waters too. (everything on my left side is worse than my right,is this because I'm left handed?) I never thought of it being thyroid related.

  • Yup - though as an added extra I have very short sight too. My eyes are very different sizes - something that's really clear on my MRIs too. Hope you can manage being different!

  • Thank you all for all your replies! I have a opthoneurolgist who is great but can't link the eye problems I'm having with my MS so it's great to know that my thyroid might be the issue. I've questioned my GP a few times about my thyroid levels but she keeps telling me they are in range, I understand after reading posts on this site that "in range" or "normal" means virtually nothing so I will ask her for the actual numbers at my next visit. Again, thank you for taking the time to reply, I don't feel so hopeless anymore.

  • I have been hypothyroid for several years. I was also diagnosed with PPMS (primary progressive MS) last year after thorough investigations including MRIs of my brain and of my spine and a lumbar puncture.

    I have been very shortsighted since I was a child with my right eye worse than my left. I wear contact lenses. I have found over the last year or so that my eyesight is changing after years and years of stability - I now need to wear reading glasses which I never used to do but I am sure that must be age related rather than anything else (I am 60).

    I have always had big eyes but my right eye is smaller than my left and is the weaker of the two. I have also always had trouble in the dark and moving from light to dark from my early teens onwards. I hate driving in the dark and avoid it at all costs.

    I have noticed I am getting watery red eyes much more than I used to but it may be from wearing ancient rigid gas permeable contact lenses! I really should go to an eye specialist to get my eyes checked and I should change over to soft lenses.

    My symptoms of MS are mostly to do with balance and walking. However, I know issues to do with eyesight can be a common problem for many MS sufferers. Any eye specialist will know this but they will also know that thyroid problems also effect the eyes. I would get yourself an appointment and you can then discuss everything that is happening to your eyes with them.

    I know what you mean about once you have the MS diagnosis, every little thing you might suffer from is put down to the MS. However it must be hard for the medics to work it out if I too am wondering half the time if the fatigue, lack of concentration, general aches and pains etc that occur now and then is MS or thyroid or deficient vitamins/minerals or just age related!!!

  • Hello, I have Optic Neuritus and because of this I suffer with Uthoff's syndrome. I also have an under active thyroid. Altho my ON is in both nerves each morning my right eye is more blurry than the left. I put this down to Uthoff not the thyroid, but I could be wrong. I currently don't have MS but am checked yearly with MRI scans (for last 10yrs).

  • I have had hypothyroidism for 15yrs.In past 3 yrs have had corneal abrasion,corneal ulcer 2 bloodshot eyes all in R eye.Saw eye specialist he said no to thyroid eye disease so I am still left wondering what is going on .Another dr said Vit d deficiency causing problems.I am b12 deficient as well.

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