Blue horizon lined up ,what next?

Evening all ,lined up blue horizon tests in a BMI hospital on paperwork sorted . What should I do next as their website says they have an endocrinologist or should I just get results then do the legwork and make 1 journey to see someone maybe down to London as that's where many on the list I've had from thyroid uk are based or do I choose Skype option with my results ?

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anyone please ?

Why not get the results ,post them here for advice first.

We can help you interpret your blood test results, and also point you to some websites which will help you to understand the ramifications of a low or high result. There is no need to involve a doctor unless you absolutely feel you must. There are plenty of posts on the forum for you to look at to see what help people usually get when they post their results.

Do you need someone to take blood for you? I'm not sure I know what help you are asking for to be honest.

Which tests have you ordered and from which website? What stage are you up to?

Hi Paul1108,

I'm looking at getting my full thyroid done through blue horizon as they seem the most rated on here and thyroid uk but I'm not keen on doing a finger prick blood test and wondered what test you'd gone for as it sounds like you have to physically go to a BMI hospital for the test(s) but I might have read it wrong, my brain is made of candy floss.

Many thanks


I'm about to order the thyroid plus 10 I think it is and go to an IBM hospital around 50 miles from me , once I get the results I'll post here and I wanted to see a doctor / specialist/ endo as my own local health service aren't dealing well with me .

I want to be able to talk with someone and sort myself out as well as deal with all the helpful people in here and thyroid uk 😊.

The symptoms are bad for me and I'm at the point of needing help and someone I can go back to and have regular bloods , anything I do I feel knackered and take ages to recover , foggy head , crap sleep patterns , aching joints and muscles , poor libido etc etc . I plan to seek someone who will go through allergy testing too whilst at it to get a full picture.

Thanks for the replies

You could order the microtainer version of the Thyroid Plus 10. This involves pricking your fingers (with lancets that are supplied) and dripping the blood into little vials (also supplied). Instructions are provided. The vials get packaged up, taken to the Post Office on Monday to Thursday (not Friday - Sunday), and postage is paid for "guaranteed next day delivery before 1pm".

You could order the vacutainer version of the Thyroid Plus 10, and for this you are supplied with test tubes (bigger than the microtainer ones), and everything else you need to get blood taken from the crook of the elbow. Then the tubes have to be packaged and posted as above. To get blood taken for you there are a few choices, but they all cost money unless you have a friend who can do it for you.

I have used my local NHS hospital phlebotomy department to get blood taken. Phone up in advance and ask if they will do it for you. Expect it to cost money, and ask how much it is. It varies quite a lot from hospital to hospital. Once the blood is taken package it up as soon as possible and take it to the Post Office. There may be a cut-off time beyond which you can't get guaranteed next day delivery, so find out in advance when that is, and allow time for queueing.

Get the blood samples done as early as possible in the day, ideally before 9am. Fast overnight and before the blood is taken, except for water which you can drink freely.

If you normally take thyroid meds, then leave 24 hours between your last dose (assuming it is levo) and taking the blood. The time to leave is slightly different for T3 or NDT, but I can never remember what the rules are for those.

I'm happy to order kit and go to bmi hospital they offer endo appt too as follow up. At least it'll be tested in same building

I'm curious. Can you give us the link(s) you would be ordering from?

I saw it on their website but also went on BMI healthcare/ hospital site and spoke on live chat and very helpful with advice and location for me

Oh well, good luck. I hope the endocrinologist you see lives up to your expectations. :)

I did send you a message last week which should be in your messages which can be found in the drop down menu under your user name. It had an NHS endo name to try 30 miles from where you live. Let me know if you didn't get the message. Regards

Just seen it ,thank you

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