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still confused

Hi Everyone this is my second time on this site, i have a problem understanding my thyroid blood results tests, i suffered a neglected under active thyroid for years, i managed to get some treatment for it 8 years ago, i was started off with 25mg dosage for 12 mths then 50mg for another 2 years then 75 for 3 years then 100mg for last 2 years, in other words i my thyroid condition has never been treated seriously at my health Centre, with the results i am bothered with blood pressure symptoms and high cholesterol, i suffer with severe skin itching, and of course put on weight, i have all the symptoms despite treatment, i had recent private blood test for thyroid function and liver function tests, thyroid readings were high T4 and liver abnormal, in fact, the results were same as that of an alcahol despite the fact i do not drink alchol olease excuse spelling, can anyone advise me, i got alot of help yesterday from Seaside Susie, thank you all.

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I too am not a drinker and my liver function has been up since 2008 ..and now my liver function is normal and now i have a raise in lymphoytics ..

My sister had thyroid removal last year and so did my cousin ..she had a gloiter that turned cancerous


My liver was out of whack until I was diagnosed. One enzyme is still slightly high due to a fatty liver

If you can post result numbers and ranges I'm sure people on here can give you a better idea as to what may help


thank you TupennyRush

Can i ask if you have under active thyroid symptoms? and if so do you relate your liver problem to your thyroid condition?

I am happy to give the reading of my liver function tests here the first one was June 2016 and done by a private medical screening company and the "nd done on 5th August 2016 by NHS (who,by the way seem to rubbish the privately done LFT)

the private tests reads as ;

Marker Your result Units Standard Range

AST 52 IU/L 0-31

ALT 68 IU/L 10-35

Gamma GT 53 IU/L 6-42

Those were the readings with Red ticks to indicate treatment needed.


It reads; (MEH) just out of normal range-alp-no action

serum tota lbilirubin level 8 umol/L 0.00-21.00UMOL/l

serum total protein 77 g/L 68.00-87.00g/L

serum albumin 46 g/L 35.00-52.00g/L

serum globulin 31 g/L 18.00-36.00g/L

serum alkaline phosphatase 109 u/L 35.00-104.00U/l

serum ALT level 22 u/L 0.00-33.00u/L

serum gamma GT level 22 u/L 5.00-36.00U/l

I am sorry to say i have no idea what any of these readings mean and am relying on help from anyone on this site.

hope to hear from you soon



These readings test various enzymes and proteins in the blood. While some are produced by the liver most aren't solely produced by the liver. For example alkaline phosphatase is also produced by the bones and kidneys. This is why some of the same enzymes and proteins are tested when people have issues with say their vitamin D levels or kidney function. In other words individually or as a group the "liver" function tests don't mean a lot but when looking for signs of other diseases they are a useful guide.

Like all blood tests they do need to be repeated 8 or more weeks later to see if results are now in range and aren't just a one off. Test results often go back in range in a subsequent test as the underlying condition has improved.

As you know your thyroid was not been treated properly but now is this would be why the second tests are now in range. ( I still suggest you put your latest thyroid tests and results in a new thread to check your medication is optimal. )

However because some of your proteins and enzymes where high you need to keep a good eye on the underlying causes. So you need to ensure you are optimally dosed on levo plus keep an eye on your blood glucose level. This is as latest research is linking high Gamma GT levels to insulin resistance and in turn diseases like cardiovascular disease. Your GP is very unlikely to be aware of this as they aren't taught about nutrition plus the research is new.


Hi there Margaretnesbeth

I don't have mine to hand (it was 3 years ago) but all of mine were really high and at a stage where the GP thought I might have cirrhosis. After treatment (with levo although I am now on ndt) they all returned to within normal except for one. Can't remember which it is but it's was about 20 over the top of the range when I had my last annual check (from about 60 over it before levo). They insist on checking it annually and say that it's a fatty liver because of my weight.

I took levo for a year and still had symptoms.i tested for the di02 gene snp and found I have it (1 out of 2). So I then went onto ndt

I am now symptom free except for a day or so before my period when I get a headache and need the hot water bottle. But, much better than pre diagnosis (7 day migraine every 14 days, having 2 hot water bottles, full roaring log fire, Arctic survival coat plus blankets while hubby was only wearing knickers and complaining about the heat, sleeping up to 15 hrs per day etc)

My hair has thickened although I still have bald patches at the sides but the crown is back to normal. I have about 10 hair's per eyebrow (I lost all of them) and I'm thinking about shaving the 30 or so hair's that have reappeared on my legs (lost all of them)

Have lost about 2 stone of the 5 I put on. Am trying for another stone but have made peace with the fact I'm not going to lose all of it. Another stone gets me out of obese and into the overweight zone.

For me ndt is the right med. I supplement various items, i stopped dieting as I think it's the worst thing you can do when you're hypo but i ear healthily (low carb), i don't do gluten free because I don't have auto immune thyroid issues but I am wheat free because it does terrible things to my digestion. I got demotivated with exercise 6 months ago because I had a couple of injuries that were consecutive and just got out of the habit. But, there's a new and better gym opening 20th Sept near me, i have joined and will be going.

For me ndt took me from functional (just about) to actually living. Levo got me from being seriously ill 50 per cent of the time and sleeping away the majority of my life to functional for around 75 per cent of the time (I was still having hormonal migraines but the duration was 3-4 days rather than 7).

But it's a slow journey, until you get your thyroid meds right (type and dose) nothing will work. I tried loads of stuff before i was diagnosed and it was like trying to bail out the Titanic with a bucket. I do some alternative stuff now and am looking for a good herbalist/nutritionist to tweak my supplements as I'd like to have a bit more hair, lose a little more weight and ideally get rid of the last vestige of hormone issues

Good luck


What else are you taking in addition to your Levo/T4 ?


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