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Papillary carcinoma histopathology report

Hi all, 7 years ago I had a total thyroidectomy and the report read:

Thyroid gland and level VI nodes - Papillary carcinoma involving right hemithyroid, 28 mm diameter, with 3/6 level VI nodes involved, pT2 n1 a

My understanding is that unluckily and unexpectedly the cancer was spread to lymph nodes.

Since the operation the routine blood tests are for thyroid values and calcium/vitamin D. Does any of you know if I need other values to be checked?

Any other comments welcome. Thanks

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I had a TT 2 years ago they found papillary cancer so then had RAI. I now fall under the amended guidelines, suppressed TSH for 5 years, scan at 1 year which was negative and then yearly thyroglobulin for 4 years, if all remain negative then handed back to GP for 'routine' management. Hope that helps.



I had follicular variant of papillary thyroid cancer removed in February 2013 but I'm treated very differently.

I've been told that I'm low risk but I'm at the cancer hospital every 3 months for blood tests and it was my endocrinologist that requested a scan a year or so after my operation. I've not been told anything about the amended guidelines and would appreciate a link to find it online.




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