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Is a TSH of 2.7 normal?

Hi all,

I am a hypothyroid myself. My mum also has it, and now my brother has been having some complaints such as bad fatigue, burning hands and feet, muscle aches etc. He asked the doctor to check his thyroid and the results are:

TSH 2.673 uIU/mL, Range is 0.34-5.6

and Free t4: 9.49pmol/L Range is 7-71- 16.09

They didn't check antibodies but as far as I know a healthy thyroid should produce more hormones than this, is that correct?

Doctor said there is no thyroid issues. I know from myself, when my TSH is around 2.5 I don't feel OK.


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missymystique The doctor has said there are no thyroid issues because the results are in range. But that doesn't mean they are at a level that are right for him 'healthy thyroid-wise'.

His TSH is higher than we need to be (as hypo patients) and his FT4 is at the lower end of the range. His thyroid could very well be struggling.

The burning hands and feet, muscle aches, fatigue, etc., can all be signs of deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, I'm thinking Vit D, B12 and ferritin.

In his shoes, I would be getting a private Blue Horizon test that will test everything, full thyroid tests plus both types of antibodies, and all the important vitamins and minerals. Thyroid Plus Eleven is the one and it costs £99, it's a fingerprick test you do at home


When my TSH is above 1.2, I have hypo symptoms - muscle pain, dry skin and mouth, weight gain. Everybody is different. Nevertheless, Americans now consider that hypo starts when the TSH reaches 2.7 - please check the Thyroid UK site about this. I don't have the link, I'm on my mobile.


for me it is 1.5 I think, I never feel OK with 2.7


Your brother's T4 is very low in range - it should be in the top part of the range given. As it is low, his T3 is very likely low, so it would be good to get this checked. Doctor's should be going on his symptoms too, but they are only concerned that he is within range.

Perhaps he can be checked again within about 6 months to see if there is any change and in the meantime get his vitamins and minerals checked to ensure these are at optimal levels. Or have the Blue Horizon test/s as mentioned above.

Did he have an early morning fasting appointment as this is when TSH is at its highest?


I agree with using vitamins and get checked again. I also told him to get antibodies checked because that's how they found mine.

I think he got checked in the afternoon


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