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Advise on what needs to be checked with bloods


I would be so grateful if anyone could help. I have been reading posts for awhile but am new to posting myself. I must admit to lacking in knowledge and being quite confused as to what to do regarding my underactive thyroid.

Although I've been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid for about ten years I don't think- from reading your posts- that I've had the right treatment. The nurse just takes my bloods and says my weight gain, tiredness etc. Is due to my age- I'm now 53- she never changes anything. However I went to see the doctor the other day about something else and she had my results on screen and increased my levothyroxine to 100 from 75 as my level was 12. The nurse was then angry that the doctor- who is new- 'had interfered'!

As a starting point could you please advise me:

- what I need checking with my bloods

- any supplements that I should take now

- should I take my thyroxine before my next blood test

- do I need to see an endocrinologist

Many thanks

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Your TSH was 12???? Well, just goes to show how much that nurse knows! She shouldn't be in charge of a peanut stand, let alone a hypo patient. TSH should be one or under when you are on thyroid hormone replacement, and 75 mcg levo is more or less a start dose that should have been increased a long time ago.

The protocol is to test six weeks after initial dose, and any increment, and increase by 25 mcg - not more, no less - until all your symptoms have gone and you feel well.

When you go for the test, make sure it is early morning - before 9.0 am - and fast over-night - just drink water. Leave 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test.

You need :






vit D

vit B12



It's doubtful your 'nurse' will agree to do all these, but you could have them done privately - it would be a good investment in your future health. Details of private testing can be found on TUK's main page.

Don't start any supplements until you've done the above tests - you need to know if you need them, and how much you need. The exception to that is vit C - take lots of that - and selenium, which helps with conversion.

Always, always ask for a print-out of your results - with the ranges. It is your legal right to have them under the Data Protection Act. If your 'nurse' refuses, she is breaking the law. Best to ask the receptionist, anyway. Post your results on here, and that will give members a better idea what's going on. :)


I strongly suggest you avoid seeing that nurse again as she is not only damaging your health but trying to kill you.

Also her attitude about another clinical colleague is completely unacceptable. Members of a practice shouldn't be talking in a derogatory manner about another colleague in front of a patient, and you should talk to the practice manager about it.

Finally when you get any test results start a new thread on here for advice, and if it's suggested you need a dose increase go and make an appointment to see that doctor.


Is there a 'shaking head in despair' smiley???

I think we need to start an 'idiot nurse' pile as well as an 'idiot doctor' pile.


Dear all

Thanks so much for the advice and support. Now I know what level my TSH should be and what I should be tested for. I will follow the advice and post results.

Thanks again.


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