More Test results (sorry!) - DI02 Test

More Test results (sorry!) - DI02 Test

Christmas has come early! It seems all my test results are coming through at the same time! Yeay! Ok so I think this means I am all good and do not have any issue connected with the D102 test but since I didn't want to shell out another 60 smackaroos for their "counseling" I thought I would share it on here and see if anyone else could shed some light?

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Hi Sandy12 ,

Thank you for clarifying this! Yes have your book on THR, though must admit haven't had time to read it yet. I got this test done primarily to check if I had issues converting T4 to T3 which I am assuming I do not with the results? Feeling a little silly as have since read on here its a bit of a pointless test!

R x

Well, you don't know until you have the test done. I had the same test and it came back positive. At least we know......not that it has helped me get treatment from the NHS, but it has given me confidence to self-medicate!

Hey Musicmonkey,

I am sorry to hear the test came back positive, but at least there is some insight now as to what is going on with you (I am still a bit at a loss!) , glad it gave you the confidence to self medicate! Are you feeling better?

R x

Thank you Rhsana yes, I am beginning to see improvements, although not there yet - let's say a work in progress!

Happy to hear that, yes every little helps...think its the small improvements that keep us going. xx

Hope you get some answers too Rhsana

Thanks Musicmonkey, have just had another lot of results back (whohoo!) :p It appears I have candida overgrowth which could interfere with the NDT/T3 uptake eash! So it looks like a strict diet for me! Hopefully this is the answer! xx

How does that evidence itself, e.g what results show it up?

I had an extensive stool sample report done, this showed I had yeast overgrowth and zero lactobacillus with very low Slga (immune support) my doctor interpreted this as me having Candida. There are symptoms of this but they are very similar to hypo symptoms so you cant be sure whats causing what if that makes sense?

R x

What we have to go through to get treated!! Good luck then.

M x

Indeed! Thank you Musicmonkey, hope you feel better soon as well!

R x

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