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Large nodule

The ultrasound showed a large nodule (2.2cm) on the right and a small one on the left, the doctor will get the full report soon and order a biopsy. The ultrasound tech said its genetic, my grandmother was hyper and my Uncle had a goiter, I believe neither of them had cancer, so hopefully that's a good sign and read 95% of nodules are benign.

I went in for the thyroid panel and thyroid antibody panel and will include a picture of what the panels test for. Also, I made an appointment with a natural endocrine Doctor and am going to work on eliminating processed foods from my diet. Is there anything else I should be doing in the mean time?

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It will be interesting to see the results of the thyroid panel. If you can add the ranges for each, that would be helpful.

Are those the antibodies actually found in the test? Dr. Clark's videos #7 and #8 and #9 talks about the antibodies. Gluten sometimes is the root cause so if you possibly can avoid gluten.....and glucose causes stress to the adrenal gland so sugar highs are not good.


Thank you for the helpful information.

I took a pic of the panel info from the lab, so that should be what is being done. I spoke with a helpful naturopath doctor and she recommended asking my doctor to add on TSI and not doing a biopsy until I've had a scan, so going to call my doc in the morning.

My son has autism and celiac disease, so I've tried going gluten free before and had horrible withdrawal, felt like stomach flu. So I am going to have 100% whole grain wheat bread as my gluten source and slowly wean off and see if that helps. I also went to the grocery store and returned a bunch of processed foods for all unprocessed and fresh food, so think that will help with my gluten and glucose intake. I've also been researching anti inflamitory foods and got some of them.

It's been a scary and emotional couple days, I really appreciate the support on here.


No wonder you are emotional. Is it possible to try gluten free for your son?

Good for you making changes already!

I'm surprised you had withdrawal as that is the first time I've heard that. Have others felt the same? Can you incorporate coconut oil in your diet plan and butter? I think vegetable oils are becoming more suspect and harmful.

Well, keep posting as you go along since many have similar sufferings and understand what you are going through. Your test results should be helpful to review. We all wish you well.


My son was diagnosed with celiac about 10 years ago and has been gluten free since, so I forgot about his gluten withdrawal when I recently tried to go gluten free. I am on a celiac and gluten free support site for him, gluten withdrawal is individual and quiet common. They liken it to opiod withdrawal, it's awful. Hopefully slowly reducing will help.

I have butter and coconut oil, not a fan of the taste, but will think of ways to incorporate them into my diet. I'll post once the results are in. Thanks again!


Ps, thank you, I'll watch the videos too :)


Yes please. That sounds very interesting. I'm currently in nutso mode trying to figure everything out lol


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