Worried getting forgetful

Hi all I have hashimotos just wondered if anyone knows anything about being forgetful.I have noticed it for a few weeks now but in the last couple of days its worse I made appointment with hairdresser for today 4pm and wrote it on calender so yesterday I was getting ready to go hairdressers when looked at calendar for something else and saw appointment was for today then rang them and asked what day it was I should come even though it was on calendar then hairdresser says she is going away in Jan 2017 and I say have a nice time I'll see you before she said I hope so its not until Jan I was so embarrassed. I have been discharged from endo

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  • Hi, Have you had your b12 levels checked? My brain fog seems to be getting less since I have started supplementing. R xx

  • Hi no I haven't perhaps I should thankyou didnt think about b12

  • Yes do get them checked and any blood tests you get ask them for the results with the ranges and post them here, very many helpful lovely people on here. GP's often say that if you are 'within range' you are fine, not so for us. People on here suggest being in the upper range. R x

  • Thanks Rhsana I will go to Docters think he needs to send me back to endo noone really keeping their eye on me x

  • Your GP should be able to order your blood tests, you can ask for the full panel to be done, I forget what the full list is but I know you definitely need to get tested: B12, Vit D, Ferritin, Folate. Maybe some more experienced members can add to this. R xx

  • damn I forgot what I was gonna say now I came here :)

  • Who am I lol. x

  • Hi, I also have memory problems. Regularly forget things, forget words, forget I have put pans on the cooker! My b12 is low which I think is causing my memory issues, definitely ask your gp to test.

  • Mine has improved since getting B12 increased. Having said that if I have something on the cooker I use a timer to alert me of it. Usual stuff like 'What did I come in here for?'. Go into another room and realise I was looking for something in there a few hours ago. x

  • Low B12 made my memory appalling, once I got the injections things got much better.

  • My memory was absolutely awful for ages - I forgot words (I had to do things like describe "the thing you write with" if I couldn't remember the word for "pencil"), names of very good friends/relatives, how to drive properly (I actually had to stop), and day-to-day functioning was just dire and I struggled to have coherent conversations. The list was endless. I had to write everything down. My B12 was in range but very low, and I was lucky that my GP offered me injections - it sorted out all my memory issues.

  • Thanks beansmummy I have to have a detailed list and put what I have to do first it is really embarrassing when I forget but going to my gp will have all blood tests done x

  • Be prepared to be told that it is nothing to do with B12 if blood tests show that you're in range. Anything below 500 can give you symptoms.

  • I will my docter is very good but I think I need to go back to endo as my docter can't ask for certain blood tests.my mum has to have B12 injections

  • Have you read the book - Could it Be B12 ? Maybe it would be worth the purchase and not expensive.


    Click onto the link above to read the signs and symptoms and B12 Deficiency. When the result is UNDER 500 it can become a neurological condition. Read as much as you can and watch the videos under the heading Films on the menu in the above link.

    Let me know if you do not understand anything and I am more than happy to help :-)

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