Worried not quite so worried

Hi Buddies,

I have an appointment with the specialist for 15th June. Not as long to wait as I thought, I read that some patients have to wait for much longer.

I have been told to bring a urine sample with me, can you tell me what they are testing for. Thank you so much for this forum I have learned so much from you lovely people.


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Diabetes, if they test your sample. Ask your endocrinologist whether you need to bring urine samples in future. I have a feeling that all patients attending endocrinology in the Diabetes Unit are asked to supply a sample but I'm not convinced non-diabetic patients samples are analysed.

Thank you, will do

I was always asked to bring a sample but as thyroid patient no one asked for it. Figured that if it was important could provide one there: consequence of always being thirsty is plenty to offer them!

Worth checking that the endo you are seeing is actually a thyroid specialist and not a diabetes specialist

The endo i am going tO see is Prof. Vadya, he specialises in Graves' disease by the look of it. Thanks for the thought. One symptom I have is stiff legs and trouble walking first thing in the morning, aching limbs. .is this a symptom of Graves or is just old age I'm at the sunset strip age 77.

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