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My Results, Help

I have got these results back but have no clue what they mean, can someone help please

TSH 0.02 MU/L (0.4-4.0 )

T4 LEVEL 14.1 PMOL/L (10.25 )

T3 LEVEL 6 PMOL/L (208 7.0 )

WHITE CELL COUNT 7.3 10.9L ( 4.0 11.0 )

I have a list of everything here and havent a clue, why cant all this be explained to me. by the way they said its normal...so why do i still feel awlful !

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Sorry to hear you're so unwell. Is it possible to format the ranges so they're a bit more clear? Using a hyphen to separate the two figures would help.

Are you on meds? What are your symptoms? You might be a little hyper but when you tidy the ranges it should be clearer. :-)


am sorry i just copied them from the note i have, how can i put a photo on here to show you


thank you , i had to do 2 posts to put 2 pics on, sorry but new to this :(


No worries, I had to google it because I've never posted a photo here either. :-)

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