Pin prick sensations intermittently, all over my body !

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if any of you fellow thyroid sufferers have had anything similar and got any idea what it could be all about?

I posted on here a few weeks ago asking for help re, whether to decrease or increase my Armour, as my blood results were good, yet I still didn't feel all that wonderful. I was tired/exhausted and low. - anyway I did decrease two weeks ago and found that I was more tired and sleep not good. So I am going back on to my previous dose. - so could it just be the mucking around of dosages or something else?

Any ideas anyone ?

(My blood results were :- TSH 0.03. T4 16.9. T3 6.0. )

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Could it be B12 ?

You took the words out of my mouse! lol

Great minds think alike :-)

Ask your doctor for a B12 blood test. Sometimes we have a very low vitamin B12 (which is actually an important hormone) which causes pins/needles and sometimes we develop Pernicious Anaemia which causes the same symptoms but is a very serious condition if untreated. Doctor should check the intrinsic factor to make sure you dont have P.A.

Thank you everyone for replying. I had thought of B 12, but my last blood test for B 12 (which was in June), was very good so I have cut back on taking it.

It was 1523ng (180 - 800).

So I only take a (Jarrows)B12 about once a week , if that. Probably more like once a fortnight. My G.P also told me to cut back on the supplement !! So this is what I have done since mid-June!!

I am assuming your were supplementing at the time of the test. In that case the result is completely skewed and of little value. The result tells you what is circulating in the blood - both bound and unbound. It does not tell you what is at a cellular level where it is needed. Medics should know that furhter testing whilst on B12 is of little value. It is laid down in the Guidelines that should be read by them :-(

What was the B12 result BEFORE you supplemented ? Do you have a Folate result - as B12 and Folate work together in the body.

You cannot overdose on B12 as it is water soluble and any excess is excreted :-)

Hello Marz, thanks for coming back to me ! I must admit I hadn't thought about that. I would have been supplementing but not on a regular basis. what I should have done was to make sure i didn't take B12 anywhere near the blood draw. I will take it more regularly from now on, and be careful before blood tests.

My folate wasn't tested even though it was requested. But my ferritin was 150 (25 - 300). My folate, on a previous test, was 18.7(3-20). So I would think it's still quite good.

Thank you for your final comment. Though I knew it , I think I was guided by my G.P's comments!!! Thanks once more for your help !!!!

Wow your ferritin and folate are good. I once spoke to Martyn Hooper - Chairman of the Pernicous Anaemia Society - who informed me that supplementing B12 can skew results for many months.

Good link above about B12 - check out the menu on the left for so much information.

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