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Daft question about B12 tablets

Just had my first tablet of B12 and it states that you can let it dissolve or chew. I decided to chew due to the fact it wasn't dissolving and when i finished i thought "how does it get into your system if you chew it!?!)

It's probably a daft question but wanted to ask/find out and also find out if it is better to let it dissolve?

I'm also about to take my B Complex and wondered if that's taken with Water as i can't find anything online or on the bottle to say how to take it :)

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The B12 lozenge will be absorbed via the gut if you chew it. Sublingual absorption is good for those who have gut issues which can reduce absorption. If you tuck the lozenge under your tongue, your top lip or hold it in your cheek it will dissolve very slowly.

The B Complex tablets should be swallowed with water.

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Thank you Clutter,

I'll start doing the sublingual from tomorrow.

I also started the Magnesium last Friday but nothing seems to have changed. I know it works differently for everyone but do you think it's possible that my gut issues have reduced absorption? when i started taking the Laxido and it didn't work my doctor explained i had overflow D (don't want to put it properly with it being near dinner time) and took longer to pass/get into my system and that's why i was having side effects not mentioned on the advice sheet that came with it .... Is it possible it could be happening with the Magnesium too?

also, would it be ok to start taking the Laxido & Fybogel again from today with taking the Magnesium? The Mag, B12 & Complex are the only tablets i'm taking at the moment.



It usually takes 6-8 weeks to notice any improvement when supplementing. If you are still constipated then you should continue taking the Laxido and Fybrogel your GP prescribed.


I found that, with the 5000mcg B12, it can take 15/20 minutes for the tablets to dissolve completely sublingually. It's worth the wait though, so it bypasses the gut :)


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