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first time at the Endo this Friday

Hi there, I am off to see the Endo for the first time on Friday, I am a bit nervous to say the least and not sure what to ask or say to him/her ? Any suggestions , I have had a full blood test done privately so am taking this with me but need to ask about NDT (although not much hope I know) I could do with a list of specific or (not stupid) questions to ask if anyone has any advice this would be extremely helpful.

I know when I get in there I will turn into a bubbling mess and just nod my head at anything they say to me, (bit afraid of authority to say the least lol ) I will then be so annoyed with myself afterwards for not speaking up or asking the right questions so could do with a list infront of me lol

Thanks xx

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I would just approach him straight by saying I was diagnosed (date) and have been on a dose of levo which has been increased but I feel worse than before (or slightly better but not well yet) and are hoping he can suggest/prescribe an alternative to levothyroxine.

I know the BTA have made false statements about NDT (but maybe he has prescribed it and knows his patients feel better). If he does say that it is inconsistent etc. You can give him a copy of this scientific article. You can tell him you are a member of HU TUK. If he is reluctant about NDT he may be willing to prescribe T3 to your levo.


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