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Wow! and argh! Endo at short notice

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I was told last week by GP that she was referring me to an endo for a second opinion. Not diagnosed with anything yet.

I just got a call from the hospital that she had asked for a speedy appointment and they had a cancellation for tomorrow a.m. and could I make it? I am very pleased that I don't have a wait of up to 18 weeks but panicking now because she didn't say she had asked for an urgent referral and I still don't even have my last lots of blood results print out yet (was going to ask nurse when I go for bloods next week because doc wouldn't print them) so I don't even have a set of questions to ask. All I know is that my TPOab was high. They have also been looking at Liver function and Kidney function though. I feel a bit sick, this is why I wanted my blood test, not knowing makes me more paranoid and worried than knowing. Eendo is called Dr Malik (Scunthorpe) if anyone has heard anything of him pm me please)

8 Replies
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Please don't be anxious but just write down the questions that you want answered. And stay in the room until you get answers that you understand. If the clinic is so arranged they could always leave you there but these days of less space they need you in and out so simply sit tight. And I find that I need to take notes which slows things down to my pace. Don't be rushed hurried or intimidated. This appointment is for you not them.

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Thanks Cwill. I will try to stay calm and take it all in but stress is my middle name. I don't always think clearly when stressed and I can get flustered, I also probably won't sleep well tonight. Still at least this gets things going and I would have been just as stressed in 16 weeks time. This just came as a bit of a shock to hear the GP had asked for a quick appointment. Will the Endo have all my test results?

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You can check him out on-line - 😊

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AngieAsh in reply to Marz

Oh yeah doh! Lol, see I said I don't think clearly under stress.

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Marz in reply to AngieAsh

None of us do - you are not alone 😊

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Good luck tomorrow, I would be the same stressing but at least you won't have to wait and can talk things through with him tomorrow. I definitely second writing down the questions you have and going prepared and then hopefully that will help if you get flustered. He should have your test results to discuss with you, my doctor has sent mine to my endo and I'm sure my nurse said there is a central system that they can look at for blood test results. Hope that helps.

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AngieAsh in reply to Polly2501

Thanks, now I just need to think what to ask. Seeing those results would have helped or being told what part of my results she had referred me for. Maybe I should just give a list of my syptoms ask how do I feel better and see what they say from looking at my results.

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Polly2501 in reply to AngieAsh

I would definitely go with a list of your symptoms and then ask what your blood test results show? Hopefully he will be helpful and you'll know where to go from here. Good luck!

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