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Acquired hypo - levels not settling


I have graves and acquired hypo following TT in November 2014. Since then my levels have been stable and i feel awful. I had to have my gallbladder removed 1 month after TT. Muscle pains, weakness, weight problems, back problems, stomach and GI issues. Basically I just feel awful. My last but one visit to the endo I was told my levels were "good" and i should stay at 200mcg of thyroxine. When I went for my last check up, my levels had dropped and I've had to increase to 225mcg!! Is there any reason why my levels won't settle and why I have to keep changing my dose.

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There could be all sorts of reasons. But without seeing your blood test results, people will be hard put to make any suggestions.

It's important to have the right tests :




vit D

vit B12



It's possible that your endo is just testing the TSH, which would be fine on 200 mcg levo! But that doesn't mean that you will feel fine, because the TSH is not the right test. You need to see your FT3. But, show us what you've got, and let's see if we can find something. :)


Hi thanks for replying! Is there anyway I can attach items to these posts and I'll upload my latest test results


No. It's best to start a new thread. Not many people will be reading this now, anyway. It's way down on the list. :)


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