Bad eyes after thyroidectomy

I had my TT at the end of September. Still trying to get my levels right but really suffering with my eyes. Up until my TT I wore contact lenses but since my op I can't cope with them. After a couple of hours they are uncomfortable and vision is terrible. I think my eyes are very dry which could be causing problems. I have made an appointment with the opticians for this week but wondered if anyone has any advice. Thanks x

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Hi I have also. Had problems with my eyes after TT they are dry and feel left eye has become painful and I feel it is slightly protruding yesterday I had a CT scan of my head to see if there is anything behind the eye.

I asked my doctor if he felt it was thyroid related he said no needless to say I disagree.I am not over medicated as I am only taking 100 thyroxine.It will be interesting to see what others think.


Probably TED ( thyroid eye disease ) which affects the muscles around the eye. It can happen with both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Hi piedo. I'm convinced it's connected as I was happily wearing my lenses up to the day of my op and yet hardly worn them since. I am really beginning to wonder if I've done the right thing having my thyroid removed. Really hoping the optician can come up with something

You need to see an ophthalmologist rather than an optician.

Be quicker to go to her optician in the short term and hopefully her optician will send her to one if need be.

Hi Keb5332

I often wonder if I did right thing having a TT but as myhusband points out I didn't t really have a Choice I had a multinodular goitre that was growing and my father died of thyroid cancer that wasn t treated until too late.

The doctors feel once you are on thyroxine you will be fine but I have all kinds of aches and pains and never really feel well.Still I know I am much better than a lot of people on this site so remain positive and try and manage the condition with supplements etc

This site has been invaluable in giving advice and in realising

There are lots of people with same problems.

Let me know how you get on


post your latest thyroid gland blood tests with ranges on a new question for comments.

I've been told the usual that they are normal!! Going to go in and get a print out then will post them in here

Your eyes will just be too dry. You might be able to get another type of contact lens called silicon hydra gels but it depends on your prescription etc, your optician ought to be able to get you sorted out. If you are wearing them already then Blink wetting solution might help a bit.

Our eyes are precious. What about a visit to Moorfield Eye Hospital (some Hospitals have a branch within).

I've got an appointment for Wednesday with my optician. I will see how it goes and take it from there. My vision whilst wearing my glasses is fine so I tend to think it's dry eyes. It's ones problem I didn't really expect. I'll add it to the long list of symptoms I have!

Hi i also had a tt in august and my eyes are very dry and gritty i use artificial tears which do work but its a pain having to remember to take the tube out with me all the time, i am also having a lot of stomach upsets which i suppose that will be related to the tt also,

I get that too particularly around the time my period is due. Hadn't thought about that until you mentioned it. Seems like our symptoms are endless. Have your levels settled?

Hi i am 58 so periods dont apply, i am now taking 150 micr of levo and still get some hypo symptoms think i need another small increase but i am much better than i was before my tt i am so amazed that so many symptoms are thyroid related.

Thyroidism does tend to make for dry eyes. It may be one of the more alarming suggestions others have made. But for dry eyes there are drops and Optrex does a mist which you can spray on closed eyes: Wilkos do an analogue which is 1/3 the price and not quite as good. Combine thyroid dry-eye with eyes drying out as you get older (without enquiring your age!!) you have a recipe for discomfort. If your optician has anything else to suggest I'd be very glad to hear about it.

Had the appointment today. Mixed news. Firstly I was very impressed with him. He knew the effects on the body and that it needs careful management to correct. Going to try different lenses to see if I can get on with them. Basically my tear ducts have packed up causing the dry eyes. He had recommended getting eye bags and using them twice a day to try and stimulate the tear ducts in to working again. Anything is worth a go. He was very understanding and wants to work with me to try and find a solution. If only my gp was that good!!

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