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New here, undiagnosed .. where to start ?

Hi, I am new here ..

please excuse if this is long winded..

I am living in Ireland and found this UK site in my information search. Various symptoms and family history lead me to think thyroid and /or adrenals are the issue. I just don't know where to start... it's so much easier to take to the bed at the moment as I am so so tired ! .. but wired at the same time. Insomnia is a big issue.

Female, 52, perimenopausal. My grandmother had low thyroid, younger sister is undiagnosed but shows many symptoms; 2 first cousins have diagnosed Hashimoto's... I reckon my mother had adrenal problems, was over medicated for pain, then had a stroke, dementia...

Symptoms : Tinnitus 10 yrs+, depression/bipolar 20yrs +, frequent urticaria, joint pain, sore and stiff feet ! cold extremities sometimes tingling, heart palpitations and sometimes chest pain (which my GP said was stress), INSOMNIA. Because of the joint pain I am unable to exercise as much as I used so now putting on weight in the middle and not able to handle stress at all means my work is detrimentally affected.

In Ireland GP visits cost unless on medical card so I rarely go, but when I do she is always rushed and last time I asked for a thyroid test it came back negative... probably just the TSH. If I go again, I will either have to demand the proper thyroid panel or ask to be referred to an endocrinologist. Or alternatively get a private lab test, or see a more holistic doctor which there seem to be more of in the UK than here.

I am willing to do the nutritional approach, but am thinking guidance and some confirmation is needed before I do.

Am I crazy and is this all just the menopause ?

Advice / feedback welcome. Thanks !

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Plenty of useful info on the ThyroidUK website.

Nutritional approach is important, as thyroid meds don't work so well if you have deficiencies. To get help look at the BANT website

and this is the page for finding a local nutritionist

I've just checked and it includes Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in the regions covered.

From my own experience, nutritional advice sorted my menopause.


Thanks Anthea,

I have been looking through the Thyroid UK site as well as other websites - some great info RE diet. As well as checking out the BANT site I'll ask around locally for nutritionist recommendations.

I guess you can't have everything in one stop ... so a Gp for testing then nutritionist or holistic practitioner for dietary advice.

Will probably wait for test results before going full on, though am close to starting a fluoride and gluten detox.

Yes, it seems diet is so important for the menopause


Hi there

Haven't hit perimenopause yet but i was undiagnosed for years; all I can say is there's nothing as important as your health. So, can you get test results from your GP to start with so you know what was tested and levels? If you can post as a new post so you can get advice.

Some of your symptoms suggest hypo but it would be b12 or one of the other deficiencies.

I had tsh, ft4 and ft3 tested for 6.5 years and was told everything was normal. My Tsh was 'normal' but my ft4 was below the range (normally around 7.5) and my ft3 was similarly under the range. It wasnt until I was diagnosed by a new doctor ( I moved practice) that I got my ranges and found out the truth. Given you pay for appointments can you vote with you feet and go to a better doctor?

My experience is all England so not sure how it works over there.

Good luck


Hi Tupenny,

Thanks for your feedback.. I agree that health is so important and to be ones own advocate.. I certainly do not want to continue into my 50's with declining health. My mother had an awful experience in the medical system so I am very wary of regular doctors, hence reluctance to even turn up asking for further tests.

Anyway I have decided to ask for all my previous test results and will post here as a new post. Also have found another doctor locally who seems to give more time to patients - will go armed with the list of tests I want including B12. Vitamin D perhaps.

My cousin in Australia has gone gluten free ( she got diagnosed Hashimoto's first)

The guidelines in Ireland are the same as the UK for TSH as far as I know so I could have been borderline.

........forgot to mention the brain fog and memory loss .. thinking it was early onset dementia argh!!!!!!

Much appreciate the feedback and for the support here.. thanks


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