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Where to start?

Hi everyone, I have just joined this forum. I have been seeing my GP off and on for the last 5 years with tiredness, this occurred following my pregnancy (it took me ages to get pregnant and been trying ever since with no joy). I think I have all the symptoms of hypothyroid - extreme tiredness, weight gain, freezing cold all of the time and hairloss. I also have muscle weakness in my arms and hands especially on waking and pain all over my body when I wake. My Dr is not taking me seriously although I have been tested for TSH which was normal, they are refusing to do any other thyroid tests as 'this is the one they do'. They keep trying to convince me that I am depressed and that is what is causing all of these symptoms, I do feel down but that is because physically I feel so bad. I have just changed jobs as my previous job was very stressful but I am finding it hard to work at all at the moment.

I have just order the cortisol and thyroid tests from Blue Horizon.

I was diagnosed with Vit D deficiency and anaemia after I had my daughter but that all seems to be sorted now.

Is there anything else I can be doing at the moment?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Welcome to the forum, Mrsmcd13.

Did you ask your GP for your thyroid test result and range? Being in range means your result is normal but where in the range the result is will tell you whether you are becoming hypothyroid. TSH will only tell whether you have primary hypothyroidism and excludes a diagnosis of secondary hypothyroidism so you will hopefully have ordered TSH, FT4 and FT3.

Post your results and ranges in a new question and members will advise.


Great, thank you for your reply. My TSH was 1.5 which my GP says is normal? When I get the blue horizon tests back I will post those too.


My only advise is educate yourself on here ( I did ) - and you'll know what tests to ask for and with Clutters help - you will be in a better position to understand your results and challenge you Doctor if they are not right ... but for starters you will need to get FT4 & FT3 done thou . I was left at borderline for 7 years and had all sorts of similar symptoms - only recently via this forum have I turned things around ( mainly by educating my GP with info from here !) ... good luck


Thank you - those are the tests I have ordered from Blue Horizon as my GP refuses to carry those out. I have the test through from BH but scared to do it lol as it looks messy!! Did you do that one?

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My doctor agreed to run them all - but loads of people on here use BH - start a new post if you want help or advise on the BH tests ( is that the finger prick one ?) ... be brave - just do it !!


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