Hi, this is my first post 😊I'm really really struggling with my health at present and not sure what to do next ? I know I have thyroid issues but apparently my bloods are fine apart from slightly raised antibodies? I have a strong family background of thyroid problems. I'm having what feels like a huge flair up of symptoms at the moment this is the second time this has happened in a year. First time me ending up in hospital with 134 pulse and general weakness and all over body joint pain etc.. doctors found nothing had 24hr heart monitor placed nothing found all good but still nothing to explain my terrible pain hair thinning dry skin etc etc...its happening again with severe anxiety and the muscle pain in the morning is jus awful 😬 gp says he has no where to send me apart from rhymatoidology spelt wrong.... will these pick up on my thyroid issues? It's driving me and my family insane living like this... I've never had t3 tested doc said labs won't test because my other tests are "fine" 😑 should I have private tests done ? Where to go from here any suggestions advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks.

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  • I think you need to start with a shopping list - and go privately for tests through the main website of Thyroid UK .... :-)


    There is a package available I believe - that will cover the full thyroid profile and the anti-bodies. Also important to have Ferritin - B12 - Folate and VitD tested as these too need to be optimal and not just in range....

    Stick with this forum - keep posting and reading information that is indicated - and you should feel better soon. Sundays can be quiet on the forum so do not be disappointed if not many reply !

    Hope you soon feel stronger....

  • Thank for your reply I'm looking at private tests now thanks for the link x

  • Any advice in wich to get home test kit ? Will my gp except them ? I've heard some gps don't except private test results?

  • GP's should accept your private test results. At least you will know them and be more informed about the next step to take. I live in Crete so can have whatever I want tested - so don't know much about the ones in the UK. Have a read through the TUK website about Private Testing and see what suits you and your budget.

    You will need TSH - FT4 - FT3 - Anti-TPO - Anti-Tg - Ferriitn - Folate - B12 - VitD - Iron. You will receive a discount I believe !

  • Our Doctor did not like the fact we had done our own private blood tests. :(

    But we were so pleased we did :)

  • Can I ask if he followed the instructions of the private bloods? Thanks for your reply.

  • Yes hubby followed the instructions, the first test messed up and his blood sample haemolised , BH sent through another blood kit, so we were extra careful following instructions the second time.

    We had excellent service back up from Blue Horizon.

  • Just adding that the finger prick tests from Blue Horizon were quite simple to do for amateurs like ourselves and were well worth doing.

  • Hi dondots100, I've sent you a private message re. private testing. Jane x

  • Thank you both very much x

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