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Genova urine test

Hi I want to use the Genova urine test to see where my T3 is on the ref. range. I was taken T3 only but stopped and I have started taking WP Thyroid. I have been taking this about 4 wks. I am up to about 2 grains of WP Thyroid and not feeling that great. Can anybody tell me if I just carry on with medication that day of test or should I leave off for a day, I also take 3 Nutri adreanal extra, plus other vitamins. And also is taking the WP thyroid for 4 wks long enough to know if I'm converting T4 or just getting toxic? I do feel like I'm getting toxic. Thanks for any help you can give me CAt

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cosycat For the urine test you take your normal amount of thyroid hormone in the 24 hours of the test, you want to see what is actually going on as it is purely for your own use (not try and 'manipulate' figures like we sometimes do with blood tests to get our doctors to increase our dose or whatever).

When you do the test, it's essential to ensure that it's exactly 24 hours and their instructions can be confusing. This is how to do it (substitute your own times/day, you don't have to stick to the ones I put).

You get up at (say) 8am on Monday and urinate - do not collect that urination as you need to start the test with an empty bladder. Collect every urination following, during the day, during Monday night and the early hours of Tuesday morning if you need to go during the night. Make sure you get up and urinate at 8am on Tuesday and make that one the last one you collect. That is exactly 24 hours. Then follow the instructions on how to take your sample from what you've collected.

Take your normal doses of NDT during that 24 hours. So if you take your NDT in two doses then make sure you only take two doses totalling your normal amount during that 24 hours even if not means altering the times on the second day if necessary ie if you take your NDT normally at 7am and 3pm, take at 7am and 3pm on Monday, but delay Tuesday's 7am dose until after you have collected your last urination at 8am. More than 24 hours urine or more than your normal dose of meds in 24 hours and your results will be useless. Also, take note of the maximum amount of fluid you should drink during the 24 hours.

The instructions say to discontinue ALL non-essential medication or dietary supplements. If you're still having periods, don't do the test whilst menstruating.

I would wait until you've been on NDT for 6-8 weeks as I imagine it's like changes to Levo, it takes 6-8 weeks for any alteration to dose to be fully effective. You don't want to waste your money or go through the rigmarole of the 24 hour test again.

Just be aware that the urine test will look very different from a blood test. I've only used it to see how I'm converting and what difference it made after I added T3 to my Levo.

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Thank you Susie for your reply. I wasn't aware it takes that long to take effect, I will wait another couple of weeks and I could not remember if I left of meds. on the day of test. I know I was not converting T4 when I was on Levo. and went T3 only. But now after a few years taking T3 only and now not feeling good at moment I thought I would try NDT and see how I go. Thanks cat.


cosycat 6 weeks might well be enough, as some GPs retest 6 weeks after a Levo increase and as NDT is a combination of T4 and T3 then I'd just treat it the same. By the time your Genova test arrives you'll be very close to 6 weeks anyway. Having done this test, I know you won't want to be wasting your time and money.

I wouldn't do another increase in your NDT until you get the result of the test (in case you were thinking of it seeing as your not feeling good at the moment).


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