Test done by Genova and 50 mg doseage of DHEA

Hi, as anyone can probably tell from my recent posts, this side of things are very new to me and I am full of curiosity.

So, when you do tests with Genova via a Practitioner, I understand that all the information gets fed back to them right - do Genova also tell the Practitioner what doseages to give?

I ask because I have low DHEA levels and my Practitioner is saying that I should take 50 mg of DHEA however, I keep reading that really, it is not necessary to take higher than 10 mg and that there can be equally unpleasant side effects from having too high a dose i.e. acne, weight issues - both of which I am suffering with at the moment.

Is anyone else taking 50mg - did you get any of the negative side effects? Do you think this is too much for an initial doesage i.e. should you start low and work your way up OR is this boost normal to start with for those with low DHEA and then perhaps reduce as symptoms improve?

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  • I take 50 mg a couple of times a week. That seems to work for me, by spreading it out. Some weeks I only take one.

  • Thanks Karen - is that how you have been told to take it? I am getting the sense that 50mg is quite a high doseage

  • I started taking DHEA when I was in my 20's. I'm a female and much older now. I don't take it everyday. I just take it because in the 80's I watched a documentary about how when they gave dhea to dogs, their fur went from old to new. I gave it to my dog and she lived a long and good life. But I've taken it since to keep my hair from going gray and my muscles easier to build up and keep strong. At least that is what I think it does for me.

  • I understand that taking 7 keto DHEA avoids the acne/weight gain side effects as it does not turn into male and female steroid sex hormones. I have no personal experience of using either, but someone else might be able to give you a steer. Sandy

  • I have used 7 keto but found it not to be as good as DHEA.

  • Thanks SandyWandy - much appreciated.

  • Hi I take Biovea DHEA, just 12.5 mgs sublingually every morning. I find that quite enough. You have to be careful with DHEA as it is the precursor to all hormones and you really don't know what it is going to convert to. I would start low but that's only my opinion. I have been on it for years and feel better for it.

  • Hi Gismo, Thanks for the information

    What did you start on if you don't mind me asking? And over what period did you increase?

  • Hi I started on 12.5 mgs and have been on it ever since, about 16 years I think. I have never increased. I go to Dr Hertoghes clinic in Belgium and have all my bloods done yearly. They always say that dose is enough.

  • Are you in the UK? I would like to see Dr H - is it difficult to get in? do they look at all your hormones or just thyroid related ?


  • I am glad to read your replies; I have been taking 10mg dhea since February and have wondered if it is alright to take continually, it seems there are many of you that have been using this supplement for years with no ill effects, I shall continue my use with less concern as I do believe it is helping me a great deal since I had an adrenal crash last year.

  • Hi Joyia, I am glad to hear that you feel this is helping you. Can I ask, what it has done to help you? How has it benefitted you?

  • Sandra, I consulted a private adrenal specialist who recommended many different vitamins and supplements when I had a crash, it was a slow process taking a few months before the horrible wiped out feelings that used to sweep over me about three times a day began to subside, I was then advised to take DHEA 10mg and I noticed another improvement fairly quickly, it is hard to say exactly what has helped, probably an accumulation of the whole regime, but the DHEA seemed to kick in more quickly.

  • Thanks Joyia - much appreciated

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