Just been to Doctors for my annual review and came clean on the fact that I buy T3 over the internet. I told him how much T3 and T4 I am taking (18.75mcg and 75 mcg)and he says my blood results are fine; TSH 0.03, T4 15.5, T3 5.0 (no ranges but comparing with BH ranges the results look reasonable). He said he would prefer me not to use the internet and has prescribed T3 20mcg on a monthly repeat. I have seen that lots of pharmacies do not keep T3. Where can I send my prescription to for filling?

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  • Most pharmacies do - you should be fine. My OH never had a problem getting hers from our local chemist - they may just have to order it in for you.

    Edited to add - congrats! An enlightened doctor - how rare!!

  • I imagined I would have a job to find somewhere but now I'll go to my local pharmacy. thanks Jazzw for replying with such good news

  • Bossgirl Wow! Just wow! Well done, that must have taken some guts to come clean. There's no way I'd do it with any of the GPs at my surgery, they'd insist on an endo and I had enough of the one I saw 14 years ago to last me a lifetime and vowed to never see another. Great that you've now got T3 on prescription :) ............... now where is it again you live, and the name of your doctor LOL!!!

  • I knew I had to tell my GP so I just got on with it. He didn't mind my self medicating, said it was good to see someone who knows what they're doing (thanks HU) but he didn't like my ordering over the internet so he gave me a prescription! I hope I can get it at my local pharmacy, I'm just going up there. Thanks for taking an interest SeasideSuzie

  • Few pharmacies keep T3 in stock but I believe that all pharmacies must get it if you ask them to. It appears that is a requirement of their contract with the NHS.

    You will, though, probably do yourself a favour by calling round and chatting until you find a helpful attitude.

  • Thanks Hellvella I have been to my local pharmacy and they didn't have it but will order it in. Before I need another packet I will ask around.

  • How uplifting!

  • Scarcely believable, but well done you for a getting an actual NHS prescription for T3! I'm off to have a lie-down...

  • Hi I am now getting T3 prescribed !!!!

    Pharmacy at Sainsburys Badger farm can order T3 for you . Well done on coming clean and getting GP to prescribe !

    Let's meet for a coffee soon


  • Well, well! Yeah we've got something to catch up on! Will pm.

  • If there's room for one more then I'm not a million miles away!

  • Where are you? we are in Eastleigh.

  • Just a small warning - my Endo has told me that we won't be prescribing in UK soon and advised me to go back to getting it on the internet! Any one else heard this??

  • Oh yes, there was a big hoo haa a few weeks back (and has been on and off for years). It's a postcode lottery. While some doctors are still prescribing, in some areas whole PCTs or CCGs (or whatever they're called lately) have vetoed T3 prescriptions. But there are some active campaigns to try to get the situation overturned and to raise awareness that we in the UK are being ripped off by greedy pharmaceutical companies - T3 costs pennies in other European countries, but it's hundreds of pounds a packet here. Does not compute. :(

  • Wow I'm impressed with your doctor, actually supporting you instead of getting angry. I don't think my GP would be that enlightened, so I'm keeping quiet! I think the fact that your test results were good were probably the thing that swayed him. :-)

  • I don't think he liked my getting medications online and he didn't think much of the packet I showed him!!

  • What was it about the packet that he didn't like?

  • Everything was written in Turkish. He couldn't even fathom the name of the drug from it!! (Packet says triiodotironin, he knows Liothyronine)

  • Oh, Tiromel! Is he one of those doctors who distrusts any kind of 'foreign' medicine?

  • You might say that! Thanks for your comments Hillwoman

  • Well done! Let's hope he continues to prescribe because so many are denied T3 on the NHS due to the cost.

  • Yes, I realise my euphoria could be very short lived!!

  • I hope not! Fingers crossed your GP doesn't check the cost.

  • Wow, wow, wow!

  • I have seen MP Liam Fox he was on my side re T3. Wrote on my behalf to dept responsible and asked the question as to why it was allowed. Have had good reply back but it wont send here to show you all . My advice is to see your MPs at their surgery and tell them whats happening. I am currently starting T3 (greek) but i told my Gp and he immediately said he would test after 6 weeks. Seems reaspnable option at moment. Good for those getting the proper support, all wishes

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